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No repeal: Trump is considering ‘fixing’ Obamacare



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The bulk of the blame for the GOP’s failure to repeal Obamacare falls squarely on the shoulders of Congress. The House was able to pass a terrible bill and the Senate couldn’t even manage that. Still, reports swirling about President Trump’s willingness to make a deal with the Democrats to “fix” Obamacare returns the ugly spotlight back to him.

Trump will try to blame the Establishment if it happens. Meanwhile, the Establishment will point to those impeding from within… and his fans will blame conservative Republicans in Congress.

Report: Trump Considering “Fixing” Rather than Repealing ObamaCare (RedState) bipartisan group of lawmakers, known as the Problem Solvers, pitched Trump on their plan to stabilize ObamaCare markets. Gottheimer said there was some discussion of the possibility that Democrats could call the bill a “fix” and Republicans could call it something else. “I’ll call it a fix, others will call it what they want, but it matters less about what you call it than actually what it is,” Gottheimer said.


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