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Every September 11th since 2002, we have stopped and taken time to remember what happened the morning of September 11th, 2001. We all know WHAT happened. We all take to social media now and tell our stories. Talk radio describes how they reported on the planes hitting the World Trade Center. They speak about how they thought maybe it was an accident, but then when the second plane hit it was clear we were under attack. We all know what happened.

What we seem banned from talking about is WHY it happened. At least, we’re not allowed to tell the truth about why it happened.

The forces of political correctness tell their stories. It was because of our military intervention in the Middle East. It was because they are poor. It was because we support the apartheid state of Israel. Just days after the attack, President George W. Bush lost a great deal of respect I had gained for him in the preceding days when he said “Islam is peace.”

Spare me.

There are lots of poor people in the world. There are lots of places the US has conducted military operations. And Muslims in Israel enjoy more freedoms than anywhere else in the Middle East. All of these excuses are pure baloney, constructs of the Left who doesn’t want to utter the truth.

The problem is simple. The problem is Islam.

I’m not saying all Muslims are violent. However, the automatic excuse by the Left is that the 9-11 hijackers and other Muslim terrorists is that they are extremists and they do not represent the religion as a whole. Well if that’s the case, how is it that so many extremists are allowed to run rampant?

Let’s table that for a moment. Here’s my standard for how well someone is following their religion. In my religion, Christianity, we strive to be as much as the founder of our religion, Christ, as possible. So, that’s my standard.

Who follows Islam best? Those that follow the teachings and example of Muhammed. Guess what? ISIS, Al Queda, Boko Haram, and other Muslim terrorist organizations practice Islam in the same way Muhammed did. Don’t believe me? Do some research. Maybe at some point I’ll feel like giving you a full history lesson, but not today.

One of our closest Muslim “friends,” Saudi Arabi, practices Islam so that women are treated as property. Rape victims are punished. Women aren’t allowed to drive cars. Homosexuality is punishable by death. The Left defends these people to no end, and yet they lambast Christians who don’t want to bake a cake as “hateful bigots.”

Back to the majority of Muslims being peaceful. If the majority of “peaceful” Muslims are those represented by countries like Saudi Arabia, are they really peaceful? They encourage violence. Maybe they aren’t all planting bombs, but it’s not like they are champions of human rights either. And lest we forget, 15 of the 19 9-11 hijackers were Saudis, as was Osama bin Laden. Not to mention that all Muslims pay the “zakat” which is basically the Muslim version of tithing, and much of that money goes to funding terror. So, in a way, most if not all of them are complicit in some way.

There are a number of good books you can read analyzing Islam. God’s War on Terror is a must read for Christians. It Is About Islam by Glenn Beck is another.

Bottom line, the attacks of 16 years ago, not to mention the thousands of smaller terrorist attacks since then, were about Islam. We’ve forgotten that. Until we remember, and are willing to call evil what it is, then we are and will remain at a huge disadvantage. I haven’t forgotten. Why have so many? The answer is simple. The plague of political correctness has forced us to forget this fundamental truth, and it needs to be confronted as the evil it is.

Benjamin Wilhelm served as a commissioned officer in the United States military for 10 years, serving one combat tour in Afghanistan. He is a recipient of the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge among other military awards. Ben has worked in a variety of private sector businesses both large and small. He is a former military and civilian firearms instructor and an advocate for veterans issues. Ben is a strict Constitutionalist who sees the Federal government as an out of control leviathan, and the federal debt as a burden that will break the country. Ben is a divorced father of two boys.

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