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I was going to sit down and write about President Trump and the latest dumpster fire.  But, let’s be honest, who isn’t writing about that.  Instead, I want to piggyback on an article JD Rucker wrote regarding elected republicans leaving the party.  I would like to take a moment and consider the actions our so-called representatives are taking.

Just for the sake of discussion, imagine neither the republicans nor democrats control either house of congress.  Imagine there is a third-party.  While small in number, this third-party wields great power.  Without their support there is no majority.  Legislation stalls without bringing them on board.

Small But Mighty

My hope is for an emergence of the Federalist Party.  I can envision a small group of Senators and a solid group in the House.  Not enough, at this time, to be a majority.  Rather, enough to prevent what we are currently witnessing.  Men and women with the conviction and ideological backbone to withstand the pressure to conform.  And a party that supports them.

We have a few members of the Senate who sort of fit this bill.  Honestly, though, they are still republicans and we’ve seen all of them fold at one time or another.  There’s the Freedom Caucus in the House.  This is a solid group of conservative republicans.  Again, at the end of the day they are republicans.  We have seen them bow to the pressure of the party machine.

What is needed are members in both houses, and legislative bodies across the country, who will stand firm.  Members who will protect life and property.  Members who are serious about reining in the growth and influence of government.  Officials who know they are the people’s representative and will be held accountable.

A True Counterweight

The Federalist Party can be a true counterweight to the “republicrat” party in Washington.  With enough members, we could provide significant pressure on the republicans and democrats.  Granted, the two major parties could simply vote in-block together.  Honestly, what’s the difference in what we are getting now?  At least with a significant presence in Congress I believe we have a fighting chance to uphold federalist principles.  As things stand, a significant portion of the population has no true representation in government.

Looking Forward

As JD wrote, the Federalist Party is a ground up movement.  We are trying to build the party at the local level.  However, we will not dismiss national political opportunities.  The time for talk and half measures is nearing an end.  While working to get elected officials in local offices, the time seems ripe to see the emergence of a legitimate Federalist Party option on the national scene. I would love to see some of my favorite current office holders unchained from the constraints of their current party.  Free to actually fulfill campaign promises and truly represent their constituents.

The Federalist Party is growing by the day.  I hope for our children’s sake, enough of us have begun to wake from this slumber.  I pray enough people are tired of binary choice politics.  Enough of you are sick and tired of being ignored.  This will not be easy.  Powerful forces are arrayed against us.  Just look at this recent article by Steve Berman.  However, I trust my fellow citizens.  We will look back at this as the moment the people made our voice heard.

Attorney, husband, father, and Provisional State Chair of the Federalist Party of North Carolina.

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