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As certain as SMOD, the GOP is dead



As certain as SMOD the GOP is dead

If we looked in a telescope and saw a 300-mile-wide asteroid headed right toward Earth’s orbit to smack us in the kisser, we could do the math and determine if it’s really going to hit us. And if we knew it was going to hit us, we could predict with nearly 100 percent accuracy that all human life on the planet would end.

It’s called an Extinction Level Event (ELE).

The GOP looked into a telescope in 2015 and saw Donald Trump. The difference is that the GOP didn’t have to follow an orbital path toward its own destruction. But it did, in a deadly dance with destiny. Mathematically, they knew this was coming: The GOP’s ELE.

I wrote in December 2015:

The final Whig president of the United States was Millard Filmore in 1853.  He marked the death of the Whigs, and the rise of the Know-Nothings.  Today the GOP faces its own death, and the continued success of Donald Trump in the polls reflects the fact that the Republican Party is staring into its own grave.

I wasn’t being prophetic, or demonstrating some Gnostic power to foretell the future. I was just looking in a telescope, the same as anyone else could have done.

Donald Trump’s message resonates with many Republicans because he speaks what most of us know, and doesn’t hold his tongue or make excuses for our elected representatives’ failure to deal with immigration problems over the last three decades our failure to end the rise of Islamic terrorism, and our failure to keep the American economy growing.

But Trump’s promises are nothing but Styrofoam—light-weight and filling lots of volume.  When heat is applied to Styrofoam, it evaporates, leaving a void.  If nothing fills the void, the party will fall of its own weight.  It’s nobody’s fault but our own if Trump destroys the GOP—and he very well could (take this seriously).

I am not the only one who saw it. Susan Wright also observed ELE coming to smack the GOP in the kisser.

I have a different take. The Democrats have already won. They played the game masterfully. Republicans would have never of thought of sending in one of their own, a lifelong conservative, with a solid record of backing socially and fiscally conservative causes and candidates, to register as a Democrat and then run on the Democrat ticket.

And now we know. It has come to pass.

Now is the time for a conservative third party option to emerge. The time has come and to not take this leap of faith may very well consign our nation to certain ruin. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I only disagree on one point. It’s not desperate to move to a third party. It’s rational, like evacuating from the path of a Category 4 hurricane bearing down on your home. Even GOP legislators are starting to abandon the party. It’s bad, and I believe it’s unrecoverable. It’s an ELE.

The Trump SMOD ELE was perfectly predictable for the GOP. It’s time to move to a different party before everything dies.



  1. Rob

    September 8, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    Some knob has reported every page on your site as unsafe. It must be killing traffic.

  2. Jack Krevin

    September 8, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Well Happy Trails then, Mr. Berman. I sincerely wish you luck in finding a party a better fit for you political/morally.

    As for myself…where Trump leads us I follow. For good or ill. I owe him that much at least since when I, and others, needed a voice he was the only one who showed up.
    -Respectfully, Jack Krevin

    • Steve Berman

      September 9, 2017 at 4:38 am

      Jack…it’s not me who left the GOP, it’s the GOP who left me. I cannot, could never, follow Trump for Trump’s sake. If he speaks for you on one issue that’s all good and fine. But what happens when he starts speaking against you?

      • Jack Krevin

        September 10, 2017 at 12:09 pm

        I would never ask you, or anyone, to follow Trump against their principals. I spoke only for myself without arguing for or against either position.

        As for if/when Trump “starts speaking against” me? I believe a man must own the result of his actions. Good or bad. I made what I considered the best choice to achieve my goals as I saw them. I still do. If that brings me glory or failure I accept that.

        -Respectfully, Jack Krevin

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There is no fix for Obamacare



There is no fix for Obamacare

At least not one that can maintain the virtues of a free market and the independence of the American consumer.

There have been many who have postulated that Obamacare was “rigged to fail”. Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t. But, I think it can be clearly inferred that it was not designed to be fixed with efforts that attempt to revive market forces or consumer choice and independence. You see, for the health insurance market, the ACA was a “total buy-in”. Its roots spread through the entire foundation of the Healthcare industry and its basic premise was a guarantee that too many consumers would become dependent on its mechanisms for continued coverage, that any alteration would appear dooming to large numbers of insured Americans.

While the ACA may not have been designed to fail, it was nevertheless designed to falter and its crafting was of such a manner so that the only way to prop it up was to move further towards socialized medicine. Any move to allow market forces to re-enter and re-invigorate the health insurance market would only hasten Obamacare’s collapse because it has been rigged to respond to such attempts catastrophically, so as to delegitimize such attempts.

Obamacare is quintessentially socialism in embryo. Capitalism cannot save it, for its precepts are counter-intuitive to the principles of the free market and consumer independence. The only way to save the health insurance system from inevitable, and possibly designed, collapse is Obamacare’s end.

This is why every Republican attempt to fix the health insurance market has been rated by the CBO and other entities as making more problems instead of less, and leading to less coverage instead of more, because as long as the bulk of Obamacare remains in place as the main propellant of the health insurance market and the healthcare industry, it will respond as designed and swirl out of control as the market becomes more and more confused by the application of counter-intuitive principles (socialism and capitalism). What we are witnessing in the steady collapse of the health insurance marketplace is a fast-paced demonstration of what American society has been steadily experiencing for over half a century: the failure of mixed economics. This foolish attempt to wed socialist ideas with capitalist ones ignorantly assumes that two fundamentally opposed economic models could be combined in a successful manner.

The only way to fix the health insurance market, and the only way to continue invigorating an American economy once the greatest and most industrious in the world, is to hack away the creeping vines of socialism taking hold of our economic sectors and reaffirm the benefits of market forces and, above all else, consumer independence. The fastest way to regain confidence in capitalism for the current and rising generations is to responsibly repeal Obamacare and craft piecemeal steps towards a truly free market in its stead.

The focus cannot be on fixing Obamacare, or even on replacing it. It must be on saving consumers from destructive ends… both from catastrophic premiums and the growing threat of absolute government dependence.

Will you help revive the American Conservative Movement?


NOQ Report Needs Your Help

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Advancing the American Conservative Movement



Advancing the American Conservative Movement

Ever since first putting out feelers for the American Conservative Movement last month, I’ve come to the conclusion the interest is clearly there. Patriots are tired of fighting two fronts: All of the Democrats on one side and the lukewarm moderate Republicans on the other side. Now is the time for a change.

I’ve been down a similar road before. Starting in 2017, I set out with a handful of people to form a new political party. There were ups and downs, but one of the biggest problems was tying too much of my personal financial future into the party. I invested many times more of my own money than all of the contributions combined. I’m not a rich man, so it was painful when the party was essentially ripped from underneath me, leaving no recourse or potential to recoup losses. This is why with the ACM, I’m not getting involved financially. I will neither spend significant chunks of my own money nor will I expect to receive compensation. This is a labor of love, a choice, one that I hope will rise to the challenge conservatives are facing with government at all levels today.

This is also why it’s important I simultaneously work through NOQ Report to generate the necessary buzz around the movement while simultaneously building up Proper Narrative, LLC. By keeping all of the components in their proper lanes, it will make success for each much easier to achieve.

Much like the Justice Democrats did when they propped up primary candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the American Conservative Movement will strive to put true limited-government, Constitution-loving conservatives into office. If this sounds like the Tea Party, it is. The difference is we’re not going to branch out into dozens of satellite organizations trying to claim the mantle of the Tea Party while doing very little to actually advance conservatism in America. We will be focused, specific, and organized.

Those who are interested in learning more about the American Conservative Movement should fill out the form below. We are gathering names at this point; once we reach a tipping point of enough interested parties to make an impact, we’ll start sending out updates. Until then, we’re just going to try to connect with like-minded patriotic Americans who demand more from Washington DC, their local city council, and every level of government in-between.

The Democrats aren’t the only ones lurching to the left. By their nature, many in the GOP are sliding to the murky middle. Compromises are being made, but they don’t have to be. It’s time to set things to the right where they belong.

American Conservative Movement

Will you help revive the American Conservative Movement?


NOQ Report Needs Your Help

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Federalism: How Colorado counties are fighting back against Red Flag Gun laws



Federalism How Colorado counties are fighting back against Red Flag Gun laws

As Colorado prepares to become another attacker against our right to keep and bear arms, several Colorado counties are fighting back. They are becoming what they describe as “2nd Amendment sanctuary counties” where gun owners can come knowing city and county law enforcement will not comply with the taking of a citizen’s firearms without due process.


One of the most important tenets of limited government federalism is allowing the “lower” levels of government to choose for themselves how to enforce laws within the boundaries of the Constitution and within the parameters of the law of the land. As long as the actions of one area such as a city, county, or state do not adversely affect another area, giving them a tighter hold of the reins makes sense in today’s world just as it made sense to our founders.

A clear example of this is how different jurisdictions handle gun laws. There should be essentially no restrictions on our right to arm ourselves in a perfect world, but this isn’t a perfect world and leftists really want us to not own firearms. Therefore, they put forth restrictions that infringe on the 2nd Amendment and its our job to fight them. While the national gun debate seems to get all the attention, it’s the local jurisdictions in which we have the best opportunity to make a real impact defending our rights.

It’s obviously unfortunate for some of us who live in areas with perverse restrictions on firearm ownership, but at least there are options. One could even argue it makes for a stronger America when we have such diverse options about where to live and raise our families.

If someone wants to live in a sanctuary city with tons of safe spaces, obtuse gun laws, high taxes, and overbearing regulations, that’s their choice. If they want to live in a land that’s free and adheres properly to the Constitution, more of these places are becoming available as options. Those of us who believe that the right to keep and bear arms must never be infringed at any level of government will hopefully have that option in more places soon.

Of course, this doesn’t take away from the absolute need to keep fighting in those places dominated by progressives. Just because we have options doesn’t mean we should stop fighting for others who are having their rights infringed upon.

These Colorado counties may be the blueprint through which our rights can be best protected. Even as the state continues to lurch left, local governments are making a stand for the people. We should hope to see this becoming more common soon.


Helen Raleigh Gun Quote

Conservatives in these blue states have been looking for ways to push back against aggressive gun control legislation that they believe infringes upon their constitutional rights. Now Colorado and New Mexico have shown them what they can do. – Helen Raleigh

Final Thoughts

The battle to preserve our 2nd Amendment rights must be fought on multiple fronts. While our attention must remain at the national level, we can’t abandon the states, counties, and cities where we have much more influence.

Image Credit: Flickr

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