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Where will ‘racism’ end



The great problem for conservatives is that they lack the moral glibness to compete with liberalism’s “innocence.”

The way that American radicals are using language displays how they situate themselves. They adore moral language, and use it all the time. two things they love most. First, to feel themselves as righteous, superior to all others. Second, to castigate those who differ from them as benighted, the unrighteous, to evil.

Leftists, who reject the classical-Christian heritage of moral thinking, have no access to the balance which classical philosophy provides, or the way that Grace balances Judgment in Christianity. Instead they take up the shattered pieces of our heritage, and use them to aggrandize themselves and damn everyone else.

Their moral thinking is largely limited to a handful of issues, which change year-to-year. The destruction of something called the ‘patriarchy’ occupied Leftists for decades. But that’s grown old, given that more women now graduate college than men. But racism, ah, now there’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Racism as a moral charge is a serious one, and today it is taken very seriously indeed. Any misstep by a white person, like Paula Deen, which trespasses against ideas of racial harmony and justice, can result in the loss of reputation and career.

As they avidly seek out any hint of racial bias, Leftists have becoming increasingly silly. As they desperately search for racial animus where none exists, they have gone from useful to stupid. One article argues that terms like ‘shariah law,’ ‘illegal alien’ and ‘inner city’ are code words, meant to arouse white peoples supposed fear of non-whites. When conservatives hammered Obama for his vacations and golfing, his defenders claimed these were really code words for ‘black.’ Nothing is so innocent that you cannot find racism behind it, unless we’re speaking of a minority. Only whites are guilty of racism.
The Left uses ‘racism ‘as a political tool, in pursuit of power. They care little for racism as a moral issue. They care more for the moral authority the charge of ‘racism’ grants them.

Why do they not care about the morality of racism? Because the Left has no morality which would allow them to discard race as relevant in looking at people. Conservatives and libertarians can stand upon individualism, and say that a person is what they make themselves, not what their melanin makes them.

But racism today is about politics. And in politics if you can keep the opposition on the defensive with charges of racist thought, then you control the terms of the debate. And you can win it. If you force the enemy to live up to their own moral standards, you can point out their every flaw, no matter how small. Conservatives claim to despise racism, so they have to be hammered for every apparent slip. By constantly attacking them, progressives avoid having to face the charge themselves.

As scholar George Hawley has recently shown, conservatism has had its share of struggles with racist thinking. Thomas Jefferson thought blacks unequal to whites, as did Abraham Lincoln. The Southern Agrarians, authors of the manifesto I’ll Take My Stand, were men of their time, and some defended the injustices of Jim Crow as a good thing for blacks. Southern thinkers later turned their backs upon this, but the stain remains. In the early 90s, David Duke ran for political office as a Republican. Duke’s odious views forced then President Bush to denounce him as a man who called himself a Republican, but really wasn’t part of them.

Even today, conservatism’s fringes see a few who have racist notions. Racist members of the “alt-right” have long-embraced beliefs in racial realism, and are still trying to mainstream their beliefs. Even mainline conservatives like Sam Francis wandered, and ended his days as a racial realist.

What has changed is that conservatism abandoned any racial beliefs as morally wrong, and as ultimately extraneous to a conservative philosophy. Race plays no real role in conservative thought. We treat of men as God made them, bearers of the Divine Image, and due, as individuals, equality under the law.

Where Progressives have gone wrong is that they cannot face their own racial past. They don’t face up to their forebears leading role in the pseudo-science of eugenics. They airbrush the racism of Margaret Sanger and forget Al Sharpton’s history of anti-Semitic comments. The Progressive looks eternally forward, to what he wants to build. If that future matters most, then the past doesn’t matter much at all. The past becomes a source of guilt. It is by guilt that they control us. Ayn Rand knew that a society of men without guilt is a society that cannot be ruled by evil men. But by making us all feel guilty for supposed racist thoughts or deeds or statues, we are made morally incapable of opposing the Left.

In a recent article Shelby Steele writes that, The great problem for conservatives is that they lack the moral glibness to compete with liberalism’s “innocence.” But today there are signs of what I have called race fatigue. People are becoming openly cynical toward the left’s moral muscling with racism.”

As long as ‘racism’ is used as a political tool, its power as a moral indictment will fade. We may see the day when real racists are ascendant and no one can denounce them, because our weapons for doing so have lost their power. America has succeeded in destroying open racism throughout our society. But ‘racism’ will never go away, not as long as the Left profits by its use.


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The complete fraud that is socialism




The complete fraud that is socialism

Once again we are witness to the age-old scam of socialism with Leftists making promises to attain power that can never be fulfilled.

Long before Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago exposed the systematic oppression, torture, incarceration and deliberate mass murder that are the hallmarks of socialistic slavery. James A. Michener documented the 1956 Hungarian uprising against communism in his book ‘The Bridge at Andau’. While both are great literary works, ‘The Bridge at Andau’ laid bare the complete fraud that is the collectivist ideologies in creating a ‘Heaven on Earth’ or ‘worker’s paradise’ that never comes to fruition.

The selling of socialistic slavery to a new generation tends to follow a certain type of ‘progress’. Promises are made for all kinds of largess ranging from Free Healthcare, Free Housing, Free College, Free food to even Free income. All paid for with other people’s money. Never mind that It’s impossible to fulfill all of these wondrous asseverations. Appearances must be made to at least begin the process, so the ever-present task of wealth redistribution begins at the point of a gun.

This is also why the Socialist-Left obsesses over gun confiscation and the suppression of free speech. It is imperative for the Leftists to disarm the people since they generally object to having their property stolen from them. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves, this is to document how this exploitation of the people has ‘progressed’ in other collectivist enclaves to better understand how this crime against the people is perpetrated.

Why do collectivist regimes always require secret police apparatus and the suppression of Liberty?

This question was detailed in The Bridge at Andau in the chapters on the ‘AVO man’. In which he discusses the secret police organisation of the Hungarian Communists, the AVO (Allamvedelmi Osztaly). He bluntly asked and answered the question:

Why must communism depend on such dregs of society?

No matter on what elevated plane communism begins its program of total dictatorship. it sooner or later runs into such economic and social problems that some strong-arm force is required to keep the civil population under control.

As is the case now as it was then, a nation’s Socialist-Left will promise just about anything to attain power over the people:

When communism is wooing the workers in Csepel, all kinds of exaggerated promises are made if they seem likely to awaken men’s aspirations and their cupidity. These promises are couched in such simple terms and such effective symbols that they become immediate goals of the revolution.

Review briefly what communist agitators had once promised the Hungarians who appear in this book: consumer goods such as they had never known before, increased wages. increased social benefits, shorter hours of work, improved education for everyone, a greater social freedom, and a government directly responsible to the working classes. Under communism such promises were never even remotely capable of attainment.

[Our Emphasis]
If all of that sounds eerily familiar, it’s because that’s part of a very old song and dance that has deceived many a generation into enslaving themselves under socialism. Consider this recent story from the Associated Press:

Democrats lurch left on top policies as 2020 primary begins

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential contender Julian Castro launched his campaign by pledging support for “Medicare for All,” free universal preschool, a large public investment in renewable energy and two years of free college for all Americans.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who is expected to launch his presidential campaign soon, has sponsored legislation to create a federal jobs guarantee program in several communities across America.

The pilot program… could ultimately transform the U.S. labor market by providing well-paid government employment with benefits for anyone who wants it.

[Our Emphasis]

As Margaret Thatcher so aptly surmised, eventually they will run out of other people’s money. In our case in the states, that is already the situation given the enormous debt and unfunded liabilities reaching into the stratosphere of trillions of dollars. Of course, this hasn’t deterred committed collectivists such as Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio who recently stated that ‘There’s plenty of money in the world… It’s just in the wrong hands!’ Never mind that it is morally wrong to steal the property of others or that once a society turns down the dead-end of socialism there will always be more people wanting more money from those who have it.

Wealth redistribution scams will always wreck the economy. A socialist regime that nationalizes the economy can never function better than one of economic Liberty. Soon enough everything breaks down, the people see through the lies and the government has to start breaking heads. Thus it is imperative that they have previously confiscated the people’s guns and made it illegal to defend themselves.

The Takeaway

Socialistic schemes always run contrary to basic human nature. Rewarding someone for not working will always result in less work. Conversely, punishing someone for working will also result in less work.

This basic logic of human nature seems to be lost on Leftists. But perhaps it is not. They have to know their schemes have never and will never work. And yet they still try to impose them on everyone else. Perhaps they know of the epic fraud they are continually perpetrating on society, but they don’t care. That will be the subject of our next installment.

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The real story here is that a radical activist took on high school kids



The real story here is that a radical activist took on high school kids

The Covington Catholic School story has taken on a life of its own. What started as an attack against MAGA hat-wearing teens who supposedly went after a Native American Vietnam War veteran has turned into a witch hunt by leftist mainstream media to prove their righteous indignation towards the kids was justified.

But at the core of the story is something that most seem to be missing. Nathan Phillips isn’t a random activist. He’s an outspoken radical who intentionally inserts himself into situations to draw attention to his cause. We saw this clearly the day after the viral video was shot (but before it went viral) when he tried to storm a Catholic church to disrupt worship services. Those are not the actions of a peace-seeking, mild-mannered activist for Native American rights. They’re the actions of someone seeking trouble for the sake of attention.

Then, there’s the question of claims that he was a combat veteran who fought during the Vietnam War. To be fair, these are not necessarily his assertions, though I haven’t read everything he’s said about that period in his life. But mainstream media has painted him on multiple occasions as essentially a war hero. His claims have been that he was a “Vietnam times veteran,” which is obviously meant to insinuate he participated.

Thankfully, many of the publications that painted this picture of Phillips have since started editing their stories. Nevertheless, the damage is done. His reputation as a Vietnam War hero is still prominent in the eyes of those who read the initial stories and haven’t gone back to reread them since the corrections were made. We can assume that means nearly none of them have learned of the correction. That’s why he’s still being widely labeled as such on social media.

One of his claims to fame is that he starred in a Skrillex video that depicted armed opposition against law enforcement as a potential solution for those who are being forced from their homes by a land developer.

The sum of the parts of this story paint a very strange picture of Phillips. There is absolutely nothing wrong with activism for the sake of Native American rights. The cause is a righteous one and most activists are doing their part to properly bring awareness to the American people while working with governments in their plight.

Phillips doesn’t fall into that category. His stories keep changing, but the truth is still a mystery.

As our EIC noted yesterday, he claims to be a hero but he’s not.

Nathan Phillips claims to be a hero, but he’s the reason “MAGA kids” are now being demonized have been multiple shifts of the narrative being pushed by mainstream media about the Covington Catholic School “MAGA kids” since it first went viral. Each shift further demonstrates the far-left’s unhinged nature and mainstream media’s desire to attack conservative Christians no matter what the facts of the matter say.

All of this goes back to Nathan Phillips, the Native American who sparked the incident by trying to march through the group of kids. It wasn’t necessarily his actions that should be condemned, but how he portrayed the whole situation and his role in it have perpetuated the falsehoods that are being reported by mainstream media even today.

This all brings us back to his “opposition,” or at least the people he apparently opposes. By no means do I believe these kids are innocent. They’re kids. They were thrown into a situation they didn’t know how to handle, but even in those circumstances they handled it fairly well. Nick Sandmann, the “smirking MAGA kid” who was literally at the center of the initial controversy, is having to go on air to defend himself, his school, and to try to prevent the threats that have hit their community.

It’s a disgrace that these kids couldn’t just go to the March for Life unscathed. The trashy people who continue to dig into their pasts, shame them, and threaten their lives are being driven by the progressive worldview that is intolerant of the hats they wore.

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Before you assume young earth creationists are anti-science, watch this video



Before you assume young earth creationists are anti-science watch this video

Even in Judeo-Christian circles, young earth creationists are often considered on the fringe of faith. Most scientists have concluded that the universe and planet Earth are billions of years old, life is millions of years old, and the Biblical account of the creation is either allegorical or jibes with scientific understanding of the universe through creative interpretation such as the gap theory.

But here’s the thing. Since nobody can know for sure how old any of it really is since absolute certainty is only possible through observation, we all must rely on evidence, or more accurately, interpretation of the evidence. Those on both sides of the debate are looking at the same evidence but come to greatly contradictory conclusions.

Educators, mainstream media, and scientists have been pushing the old universe concept for decades. At this point, most consider it to be “settled science” that the earth and universe are old. What if I were to tell you the same evidence they base their conclusions on also establishes a scientific premise that supports a literal Biblical worldview? Many would point to dinosaurs, stars, and other pieces of evidence that are contrary to the Bible, but even these have scientific explanations that fit perfectly within a Biblical worldview.

As I stipulated earlier, nobody can know for sure, but that doesn’t mean they can’t agree to a likelihood. To me, the evidence favors a young earth concept. Before you balk, watch this short video.

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