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Why it’s important to support the NOQ report



Why its important to support the NOQ report

It’s vitally important that we have a voice from the rational Right, now more than ever.

A report was recently published that showed that 80% of the country finds political correctness to be a problem, while only 8% loved the concept. The question becomes, how did only 8% of the country [The ‘objective’ national media included] drive this issue? Who represents the 80% who are sick of the propaganda from the Left?

Curiously enough, political correctness originated in the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This of course was a bastion of the Socialist-Left with its main propaganda organ entitled ‘Pravda’ [Truth] that was out to ‘Liberate’ the world from freedom.

Balancing out the modern-day Pravda.

Leftist media sources have become an echo chamber continuously reverberating with the concerns of the 8%. This is instead of the everyday reality of the 80% who are sick of being told what to think and what their emotions are supposed to be on any given subject.

For the nation’s Left and it’s media arm, Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate change is the biggest threat to mankind since the last time they decreed it was the biggest threat to mankind. Or there is the devastation wrought by people actually keeping their earnings. Not to mention Leftists concerns over the scourge of net neutrality or the people being able to defend themselves.

That is the Leftist alt-reality echo chamber of the media that never seems to match up with the lives of ordinary Americans of the 80%. The NOQ report is vitally important in that it counterbalances along with other news and opinion sources from the Rational Right.

High Tech Censorship has become the norm.

It’s almost become accepted that the new social(ist) media giants – Twitter, Facebook, You tube – to blatantly censor voices from the Pro-Liberty Right.

People with the conjones to label themselves ‘Liberals’ are regularly denigrating the cause of Liberty, without notice or protest. There was a time when the aforementioned would defend free speech with aphorisms such as ‘I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to death your right to say it’. These days the Left would rather silence their opposition than engage in a civil debate. But then again, they have no real arguments in favour of their ancient ideas other than screaming epithets from the bottom of their chyrons.

It’s become axiomatic that when one runs out of ideas, the only option is to silence those who do. Thus, we need as many on the Rational Right to ‘resist’ [to coin a phrase] their high-tech onslaught.

Why we support the NOQ report.

We contribute our writing to the report as a form of activism and from one standpoint, to become better versed at writing. We do this without receiving any compensation. These are very dangerous times at present. Our government has grown so out of proportion that each election cycle has become critical in the preservation of Liberty. This time around is no different. It used to be that hardly no one paid attention to ‘off-year’ election cycles, now these have taken on the it’s own import in the course of the country.

We cannot allow the Leftist media run roughshod over us in the never-ending news cycle. We have to provide a voice that counterbalances the Left.

The takeaway.

This is why you need to support this site with your much-needed donation. As JD Rucker stated a few days ago in A final plea for help to conservatives:

America needs conservative voices to be heard. We need a counter to the mainstream media’s leftist propaganda. NOQ Report has been fighting for over a year now, but we need assistance. We can’t do this alone.

Please consider contributing and keeping this flame alive. Our traffic is growing rapidly, but it’s not at the millions of visitors we need every month to sustain through ads alone. It takes more than the few dollars per week we’re currently receiving.

A GoFundMe page was created for this purpose. We are doing our part in keeping this site alive. You have our thanks if you can do your part to do so as well.

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Why we won’t see Medicare-for-All legislation until after 2020



Why we wont see Medicare-for-All legislation until after 2020

We won’t see Medicare-for-All legislation presented to the public or brought to the floor of the House for one politically expedient reason.

Here’s a spoiler for those who don’t want to read the whole thing. In its current state of ambiguity it’s growing more and more popular with the general public. Once the details are brought to light, even moderate Democrats will acknowledge it would implode the economy in a couple of years at best.

In a perfect world, all basic needs would be covered. Of course, that perfect world, often referred to as communism, could only work in the minds of fiction writers and hardcore leftists. In the real world, it’s not only impossible, but has proven to be counterproductive with its stated goals. This is a basic fact that has been demonstrated throughout modern history.

Facts don’t stop leftists. Anything that gets in the way of the leftist agenda or narrative is pushed aside in favor of new “facts.” My least favorite one that’s floating around lately is that socialized medicine has been a tremendous success in many nations around the world. This is questionable at best and when viewed on a longer scale than the last few years, it’s clearly impossible to sustain.

That’s the biggest problem with socialist ideas. They often DO work, but only until the money runs out. Leftists will say it’s unfair to point to Venezuela, a nation that should be the most prosperous in South America but that lies in economic ruins today. Any time Venezuela is brought up, proponents of socialism will say that they were practicing an invalid form of the failed political and economic system.

It’s through the pathways of reality surrounding socialism that Democrats do not want to travel. Not yet. They can’t risk heading into the 2020 elections allowing voters to have a clear understanding of what Medicare-for-All would mean to them. The more facts and figures are revealed about the proposals, the harder it will be to sell it to the people. Instead, they chant about Republicans not believing healthcare is a human right. Or something.

Take soon-to-be-Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example. For proposal for Medicare-for-All has a $32 trillion price tag over the next decade. Paying for it would require extreme tax increases, which is okay to most of her supporters. Why? Because the bulk of the cost would be paid by the “rich,” according to AOC. Or, as she puts it, “You just pay for it.”

When actual math is applied, it becomes clear it would be impossible to stick even most of the price tag on the “rich,” but that’s based on our definitions. If her definition of “rich” means anyone making middle-class incomes or above, then she MIGHT be able to pay for it by more than doubling current taxes.

There’d be no fiscal repercussions from that, right.

It’s imperative for Democrats to keep details surrounding Medicare-for-All hidden. The surface notion is appealing to some. If the details were examined, their base support would fall off. I’ll invoke a leftist tactic by saying Medicare-for-All would literally kill people.

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Entertainment and Sports

Can the DCEU be fixed?



Can the DCEU be fixed

As a fan of DC Comics over Marvel Comics, I’ve been a man without a valid argument. I want the DCEU to be better than the MCU, but it’s not even close. Other than Wonder Woman, there hasn’t been a glimmer of hope that we’ll be able to have a real debate about which cinematic universe is better.

For a while, I’ve felt like it can’t be fixed. By “a while,” I mean one year. That’s how long it’s been since I saw Justice League and had to rein in desires to chuck Milk Duds at the screen. The only thing that held me back was that the Milk Duds were the only enjoyable part of the experience.

It was awful. Even worse than Batman v. Superman. Even worse than Suicide Squad. At least with the latter, we could dismiss it as a failed attempt to emulate Guardians of the Galaxy.

But there’s hope, according to this video from Screen Rant. I’m not 100% bought into the notion, but I have to hold onto it. Otherwise, I might as well trash my Aquaman posters and relive the glory days of the Dark Knight Trilogy.

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Foreign Affairs

Turkish-American relations aren’t better, just quieter than they were



Turkish-American relations arent better just quieter than they were

President Trump said Saturday “we’re having a very good moment with Turkey.” The operative word in his statement was “moment.” In other words, relations can go south at any point, and they probably will very soon.

Diplomatic conflict with Turkey had been escalating for a year until very recently. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has balked at U.S. demands and made harsh statements about America’s foreign policy, particularly as they relate to Iran and Syria. He’s playing a game of brinkmanship, pushing his rhetoric and policies right to the edge before backing down.

Right now, he’s in his quiet mode. That likely won’t last long.

As Burak Bekdil noted at Gatestone, the list of problems between the United States and Turkey has not been reduced.

Turkey and US: Conflict Contained, Not Resolved three months ago Turkey and its NATO ally the United States had too many issues about which to disagree: They had major divergences over Syria; they had different views on Turkey’s plans to deploy the Russian-made S-400 air defense system on NATO soil; they had mutual sanctions on top government officials due to Turkey’s refusal to free Andrew Brunson, an American evangelical Christian pastor living in Turkey who faced bogus charges of terrorism and espionage; they had a potential U.S. decision to block delivery to Turkey of arms systems, including the F-35 stealth fighter; they had potential U.S. sanctions on a Turkish public bank; the U.S. had doubled tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminium; a Turkish boycott on U.S. electronics; major differences over Syrian Kurds; and Turkey’s persistent demands for the extradition of Fethullah Gülen, a Muslim cleric who is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s political nemesis, living in self-exile in Pennsylvania.

This could be a calm before the storm between the United States and Turkey. Both nations are pushing against each other, especially in reference to U.S. policy in the Middle East. The two NATO allies will be acting more like enemies very soon unless one or the other backs down.

That’s almost certainly not going to happen.

We must be very mindful of and cautious towards Erdogan. His lust for power is quickly manifesting as a desire to be the de facto leader of the Middle East Muslim world. To do that, he’ll need to turn America into a symbolic enemy for the whole region.

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