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Why it’s important to support the NOQ report



Why its important to support the NOQ report

It’s vitally important that we have a voice from the rational Right, now more than ever.

A report was recently published that showed that 80% of the country finds political correctness to be a problem, while only 8% loved the concept. The question becomes, how did only 8% of the country [The ‘objective’ national media included] drive this issue? Who represents the 80% who are sick of the propaganda from the Left?

Curiously enough, political correctness originated in the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This of course was a bastion of the Socialist-Left with its main propaganda organ entitled ‘Pravda’ [Truth] that was out to ‘Liberate’ the world from freedom.

Balancing out the modern-day Pravda.

Leftist media sources have become an echo chamber continuously reverberating with the concerns of the 8%. This is instead of the everyday reality of the 80% who are sick of being told what to think and what their emotions are supposed to be on any given subject.

For the nation’s Left and it’s media arm, Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate change is the biggest threat to mankind since the last time they decreed it was the biggest threat to mankind. Or there is the devastation wrought by people actually keeping their earnings. Not to mention Leftists concerns over the scourge of net neutrality or the people being able to defend themselves.

That is the Leftist alt-reality echo chamber of the media that never seems to match up with the lives of ordinary Americans of the 80%. The NOQ report is vitally important in that it counterbalances along with other news and opinion sources from the Rational Right.

High Tech Censorship has become the norm.

It’s almost become accepted that the new social(ist) media giants – Twitter, Facebook, You tube – to blatantly censor voices from the Pro-Liberty Right.

People with the conjones to label themselves ‘Liberals’ are regularly denigrating the cause of Liberty, without notice or protest. There was a time when the aforementioned would defend free speech with aphorisms such as ‘I disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to death your right to say it’. These days the Left would rather silence their opposition than engage in a civil debate. But then again, they have no real arguments in favour of their ancient ideas other than screaming epithets from the bottom of their chyrons.

It’s become axiomatic that when one runs out of ideas, the only option is to silence those who do. Thus, we need as many on the Rational Right to ‘resist’ [to coin a phrase] their high-tech onslaught.

Why we support the NOQ report.

We contribute our writing to the report as a form of activism and from one standpoint, to become better versed at writing. We do this without receiving any compensation. These are very dangerous times at present. Our government has grown so out of proportion that each election cycle has become critical in the preservation of Liberty. This time around is no different. It used to be that hardly no one paid attention to ‘off-year’ election cycles, now these have taken on the it’s own import in the course of the country.

We cannot allow the Leftist media run roughshod over us in the never-ending news cycle. We have to provide a voice that counterbalances the Left.

The takeaway.

This is why you need to support this site with your much-needed donation. As JD Rucker stated a few days ago in A final plea for help to conservatives:

America needs conservative voices to be heard. We need a counter to the mainstream media’s leftist propaganda. NOQ Report has been fighting for over a year now, but we need assistance. We can’t do this alone.

Please consider contributing and keeping this flame alive. Our traffic is growing rapidly, but it’s not at the millions of visitors we need every month to sustain through ads alone. It takes more than the few dollars per week we’re currently receiving.

A GoFundMe page was created for this purpose. We are doing our part in keeping this site alive. You have our thanks if you can do your part to do so as well.




David Koch’s passing met with instant vitriol from the left



David Kochs passing met with instant vitriol from the left

There was a time when the phrase “too soon” was used against those who vilified someone shortly after they died. It was assumed there’s a grace period in which those who are mourning do not have to suffer through insults by those opposed to their loved one. Those days are behind us, as clearly seen in reactions to David Koch’s passing.

News that Koch, the younger of the famed “Koch Brothers” known for being Republican mega-donors, has died will be addressed by the various news publications and talking heads with varying degrees of reverence or hatred. To most on the left, he was an enabler who helped many Republicans win elections. To many on the right, he was an icon who used the system to promote his political agenda, but who also engaged in undeniably philanthropic causes.

Even as Erickson’s Tweet speaks truth about the man, the comments below it demonstrate the worst of American society as we dive deeper into the abyss. The words “too soon” no longer apply.

I was going to post some of the Tweets of progressives being vile, but it’s not worth it. Trust me. They’re horrible.

I’ve had my share of disagreements with some of the policy stances the Koch brothers espouse. I haven’t always been happy with the candidates they support. I’ve criticized them in the past and I’ll probably criticize Charles Koch in the future. But today and for a time, criticism should be withheld. A human being has died and his family deserves the respect of our condolences and prayers at best or our silence at worst. To attack now is a pathetic display of the worst side of humanity.

Whether you agreed with David Koch’s politics or not, members of a civilized society should not immediately engage in hate-filled rants saying the worst possible things about the newly deceased. Civility has clearly lost to tribal feuding.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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FBI tried to hide true source of Trump-Russia allegations



FBI tried to hide true source of Trump-Russia allegations

The more we learn about the Russian investigation, the clearly it becomes that this was a political hack job perpetrated by people bent on subverting American voters, not exposing interference from the Russians. While it’s true Russians have been engaged in causing division within and distrust of our political system, the investigation into their activities was wrongly focused on the Trump campaign when they should have been looking on the other side of the fence.

This video by Declassified’s Gina Shakespeare explains a report by The Epoch Times’ Brian Cates:

In researching this Spygate scandal, I repeatedly encounter stories of people supposedly engaged in very sensitive intelligence and law enforcement work, who rely on people such as Christopher Steele and end up leaking the same “evidence” to the news media.

This isn’t how real intelligence work is done.

And that’s the first big clue that none of these Spygate investigations were authentic.

Federal officials knew quite well the true nature of the sources they were using to drive these politically motivated investigations.

Their sources were political operatives being handsomely paid to target their employer’s political opponents. Because of that, any “evidence” they handed to federal agencies should have been immediately suspect and huge red flags should have been raised.

But any attempts to raise red flags were quashed. This was a hit job. It was intended to take down then-candidate Trump if possible. In fact, one can argue that their confidence in Hillary Clinton’s ability to win was the only reason they didn’t use the investigation to tip the scales in her favor. They likely thought something to the effect of, Why play a dangerous hand that’s unnecessary?”

Obama’s DoJ and the operatives in the FBI investigating the Trump campaign were well aware what they were doing was wrong, at least from a legal and investigative perspective. But they felt the stakes were high enough that it was worth pursuing. There were two intentions here. If it appeared Clinton was in trouble and risked losing, they could unleash information from the tainted investigation, putting themselves at risk but helping Clinton win. If it appeared she would coast to victory, they would hold information from the investigation and use it as a “plan B” in case Trump miraculously won.

Well, he miraculously won, so once their chagrin had worn off, they went to work to lay the foundation for the Mueller investigation in hopes it would quickly force the President to resign or give Congress the ammunition it needed to impeach him. It did neither.

This is a cover-up of a failed coup attempt. People in power at the FBI and DoJ engaged in an investigation they knew was fabricated, yet they continued in an unhinged effort to prevent Trump’s presidency if possible or end it if necessary.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Culture and Religion

Omar, Tlaib silent after Nadler rebuke



Omar Tlaib silenced after Nadler rebuke

Representative Jerry Nadler is one of the bad guys. He’s leading the charge to keep the House of Representatives focused on one thing: Taking down President Trump. But even bad guys do good things sometimes. His singular moment of clarity came yesterday when he rebuked Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar of “The Squad” fame for sharing an anti-Semitic cartoon on Twitter.

To keep things in perspective, this isn’t Nadler doing the right thing for the right reasons. His interest is in making sure focus remains on the President and he views his freshmen cohorts as distractions. And even in rebuking them, he did so by first insulting the President with a lie.

The President’s comments about American Jews being disloyal to Israel if they vote Democrat is not an anti-Semitic trope. In fact, it’s not a trope at all, but since it’s a word that’s often associated with anti-Semitism, Nadler felt the need to invoke it.

As for the cartoon Nadler referred to, it came from a nefarious source:

But the real news here isn’t that Nadler went after his own teammates. It’s that the didn’t respond. It’s obvious they’re aware of the rebuke, but both have focused on playing nice on Twitter and have not addressed Nadler at all, at least not in public. This is a departure from their modus operandi as they’re known for striking back at criticism regardless of the source. Invariably, they play the race card and characterize anyone who criticizes them as bigots attacking “women of color.”

Nadler is an older straight white male, which is to say he’s a prime target for the wrath of “The Squad.” Are they suddenly playing nice or are they biding their time? Perhaps they don’t want to draw attention to the rebuke. Whatever their reasoning for not hitting Nadler back, their silence is conspicuous.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were wrong to share the anti-Semitic trope and Nadler was right to rebuke them. But don’t cheer Nadler’s action too hard. His only concerns are how their bigotry reflects on his party and keeping attention on President Trump.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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