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Bill Kristol spouts leftist caravan talking points. James Woods isn’t having it.



Bill Kristol spouts leftist caravan talking points James Woods isnt having it

There was a time when Bill Kristol was considered by some to be a conservative. When it became clear during the 2016 GOP nomination process and then throughout the general election campaigns that he was a sheep in wolf’s clothing, many real conservatives started calling him out.

One of the best at punching on the moderate mole has been actor James Woods. The rare Hollywood Trump supporter has been going after Kristol since he became part of The Resistance. His jabs are brutal, but every now and then he lays down a haymaker.

That happened again yesterday.

With the migrant caravan getting closer to breaching the United States border, the President and conservatives opposed to illegal immigration have talked of the dangers this mass of people poses to the American citizens. Mainstream media and a handful of Democrats (most are ignoring the volatile subject ahead of the midterms) have countered those assertions by saying there’s no proof of danger.

Kristol echoed those leftist talking points on Twitter.

The sheer ignorance of such a statement is clear to anyone without their head stuck in the sand… or elsewhere. With numbers approaching 10,000 people, it’s more likely that Kristol will win the Mega Millions lottery than having a group of this size posing no danger to our freedoms, democracy, or well-being.

Woods’ reaction was classic.

In a world where the vast majority of influential people in media and Hollywood are keeping failed leftist ideologies alive through propaganda and indoctrination, it’s good to know there are people like James Woods punching back.

Here are some of Woods’ greatest hits against Kristol: