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Sean Spicer was better than the Emmys, and lefties are pissed



Hollywood is what’s wrong with America, and the Emmys are, in a nutshell, everything wrong with Hollywood in a one-episode miniseries. The Academy Awards is about the only event that can give the Emmys a run for its preening, smarmy, condescending money.

So, when the liberal bubble was crashed by a troglodyte like Sean Spicer, the left has reason to ruffle feathers in protest. When Spicer is actually funny and engaging, they positively cackle in unified indignancy. But when Spicer is the best part of the droning sinus infection that Hollywood awards programs have become, his mocking presence becomes completely intolerable.

Popcorn please. I didn’t watch the Emmys, but I could watch this all day.

“This will be the largest audience to witness the Emmys, period – both in person and around the world.”

Of course, the Emmys tanked in the ratings, making the irony even more delicious.


Spicer Crashes Emmys, Liberals Freak the Crap Out | Peter Heck, The Resurgent a not-so-veiled mockery of his own antics defending President Trump’s outlandish and exaggerated claims about inaugural crowd size, Spicer showed a self-deprecating side to himself that any normal, reasonably balanced individual could appreciate.

So of course the humorless left was indignant and outraged. The headlines were hilarious:


Hollywood Hates Us All…and It’s Getting Kind of Boring: 2017 Emmys Edition | Kira Davis, RedState night’s 69th Emmy Awards was a perfect example of why Emmy ratings have been steadily dropping for the last four years, despite more ways than ever to watch them. It shouldn’t have been surprising that nearly every single presenter, winner and host segment took the opportunity to jab at President Trump.

It’s important to remember that for the most part the people on that stage hold a subtle disdain for the average American. They might not even realize it, but it shows every time most of them are asked about a political issue on the red carpet.


5 Reasons It’s Ridiculous For Hollywood To Go Nuts Over Sean Spicer’s Emmys Appearance | Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire, the Left is quite upset that former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer appeared at the Emmys. “How could he be normalized so?” they ask. “Isn’t that making light of the lies he told? Why grant him that sort of credibility?”

This, of course, is insipid.


Liberal outrage at its visceral, apoplectic peak:

Not everyone is a hater:

Final thoughts

See, Rolling Stone, the Emmys, and Hollywood in general suffer from the same disease: Cultural dysphoria. They believe that they’re really the elite trapped in a terrible America, when they’re actually what’s terrible about America. The Hollywood elite and their leftist buddies should have cultural reassignment surgery. The procedure is very simple: they can move to France or Sweden, where the only side-effect they might face is losing their heads at the hands of actual extremists.

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Kamala Harris stutters through non-answer when asked about her Jussie Smollett Tweet



Kamala Harris stutters through non-answer when asked about her Jussie Smollett Tweet

In one of the most cringeworthy moments of Senator Kamala Harris’s new presidential campaign, the California Democrat found herself hesitant and uncertain about her feelings towards Jussie Smollett’s apparent hate-crime hoax. This is in stark contrast to her bold and racially charged accusations of a “modern day lynching” allegedly perpetrated by two Nigerian actors at the request of Smollett himself.

Above, you can see her attempt to calm the situation and state that facts are still emerging about the case. Of course, this is three weeks after the alleged incident, which is strange since her response the moment the news broke seemed to express zero interest in waiting for facts to emerge.

“. is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know. I’m praying for his quick recovery. This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate.”

This is the latest minefield Democrats find themselves traversing after quickly reacting to false claims. It happened with the Covington Catholic School boys. It’s happened far too many times since President Trump ran for President in 2016.

The anti-MAGA hoax epidemic’s a trend that’s been quietly, consistently rearing its ugly head against the President of the United States and his supporters since before the 2016 election. We’ve seen it among unhinged journalists, virtue-signaling celebrities, and Democratic politicians. We’ve seen it manifest in the ugliest form of hatred – the common hate-hoax – and it’s doing more to divide America than the source of the perpetrators’ anger.

They hate President Trump. They hate the people who got him elected. The hate the idea of making America great again because as much of the MAGA agenda comes to pass, they’re learning they’ve been wrong the whole time. I know first hand. I’ve been proven wrong myself.

It doesn’t take a skilled orator or ethical paragon to say, “I reacted too quickly before. I should have waited for all of the facts to come out before reacting emotionally.” Of course, doing so requires humility, which Kamala Harris apparently does not have.


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President Trump lowers himself to SNL’s level every time he gives them attention



President Trump lowers himself to SNLs level every time he gives them attention

Many conservatives have been in the midst of a conundrum since the 2016 election. On one hand, there are things to like about President Trump’s agenda as he cuts bureaucracy, reduces our tax burden, and addresses certain foreign policy issues appropriately. On the other hand, he has the temperament of a high school student at times and seems reluctant to act like the President of the United States.

The latest example of his willingness to dive into the fray with unimportant but insulting entities is his ongoing war with SNL and NBC.

My advice to the President:

Seriously, Mr. President, please just ignore them. Yes, they insult you. Yes, they mock you. Yes, they hate you. But you’re doing them a favor when you pay so much attention to them just because they were able to prick below your paper-thin skin. Collusion? No. It’s comedy, and not very funny comedy at that. There’s nothing they can do to actually hurt you in the eyes of the American public because those who are still watching aren’t your friends anyway. Even if some of your allies are watching, it’s not like they’re saying to themselves, “Man, I liked Trump but now that I’ve seen Alex Baldwin’s latest skit, I’m changing my mind.”

This is below the President. It’s so far below the President that much lesser-known people who get made fun of by SNL have the common sense to either ignore it or play along with the gag. President Trump is one of the few people of power who actually takes SNL seriously enough to draw as much attention to them as possible. It’s counterproductive and will only make them want to attack more often.

How many people actually watched the skit before the President Tweeted it? Now, he’s chosen to make the skit go viral, emboldening Baldwin and the whole SNL crew into wanting to make fun of him even more. It’s one of the saddest displays of inappropriate attention being given to something so far below the White House it’s a wonder that he took the time to Tweet about it, let along watch it and get masses of others to watch it as well.

Every time he gives SNL this level of attention, all he does is reaffirm what his detractors already think while making his supporters scratch their head wondering why the most powerful man in the world is whining about a comedy sketch.


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This old Tweet by Jussie Smollett may have been prescient as a condemnation of his gullible supporters



This old Tweet by Jussie Smollett may have been prescient as a condemnation of his gullible supporte

As the walls (and possibly law enforcement) continue to close in on actor Jussie Smollett following reports he hoaxed the world by pretending to be attacked by Trump supporters, a Tweet from 2016 is quite interesting.

In today’s context, this quote would demonize those who believed Smollett’s suspicious claims without even considering the possibility they could be made up. It’s one thing to think Trump supporters are racist. It’s another to take this belief and use it as intellectual cover to blind one to obvious truths. Smollett seems to be calling out the very people who have supported him.


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