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Nancy Pelosi to ‘undocumented youths’ who interrupt her press event: “Just stop it. Just stop it!”



Nancy Pelosi wants to save every future Latino Democratic voter she can from getting deported. She will make deals with President Trump (which apparently isn’t difficult) and use DREAMers as a bargaining chip for their own benefit… in her eyes, at least. A group of four dozen “undocumented youths” saw it differently. They don’t want to be her bargaining chip.

This is the problem when your party does everything it can to keep minorities impoverished, yet pretends to have their best interests in mind. The Democrats, who have tried to advance the welfare state for decades in an effort to retain power, love to pretend like they love DREAMers. They won’t acknowledge that if President Trump hadn’t rescinded the DACA executive order, the Supreme Court would have. By rescinding it and giving Congress 6 months to turn it into law, the President has done a better job for DREAMers than his predecessor.

If Democrats like Pelosi really cared about DREAMers, they’d be thanking the President.

Just prior to the video of Pelosi getting shouted down by the people she appointed herself to save, they had a message. Watch as Pelosi tries half-heartedly to get in on the chanting herself.

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