About Us

N.O.Q. Report is a news aggregation, curation, and original content outlet that adheres to a politically conservative worldview. It is edited by JD Rucker out of Southern California and is currently privately funded through sponsors such as Genesis Gold Group and Prepper Beef.

This is the first web property made public in our new media network. Based on the his experience with content creation through America First Report and content aggregation through The Liberty Daily, Rucker chose this site as the logical choice to roll out first.

Unlike most news aggregators or “Drudge clones” out there, Discern Report is not an automated feed. Every story is individually selected from a list of over 250 conservative websites. On top of that, tips come in from news outlets that are not on our radar.

Curated content comes from dozens of sources with which we have permission to republish their work. Credit is always given to both the source and the authors. Content that is video- or audio-based is attributed accordingly.

Why Another Aggregator?

The Liberty Daily gets millions of visits every week. Why, then, would we build something separate? It comes down to filtering. We post over 100 stories per day on The Liberty Daily. This is hugely beneficial to visitors who want to get the whole picture; some prominent conservatives have told us they visit the site several times per day every day because of the massive amount of content we post.

Discern Report will be much more focused. We intend to only post stories that are needed. At The Liberty Daily, we post stories that are interesting, entertaining, often-times infuriating, and combined they paint a picture of the state of union. With Discern Report, there will be far fewer stories because they all have to be mission-critical. That’s not to say the stories we post at The Liberty Daily are any less important. But just as an example, we might post a story from a local news channel about a random act of violence that demonstrates how ineffective radical leftist crime policies are in cities. Such stories are important, but they wouldn’t necessarily fit at Discern Report. These stories are interesting and reiterate a point, but they’re not necessarily mission-critical.

It’s nuanced, but we believe it will be effective.

Worldview Samples

It’s important that our audience understands where we come from on certain topics. We generally take a hardline when it comes to conservative philosophies. For example, we are adamantly opposed to the Covid “vaccines.” We believe the 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen through massive, widespread, multi-faceted voter fraud. We believe that the first penny that was sent to Ukraine in taxpayer funded military aid was wasted. We believe groomers are trying to destroy the next generation before they have a chance of becoming functional adults. We believe the globalist elite cabal is working from various angles in a nasty depopulation and control agenda.

If those concepts offend you or if you greatly disagree, then Discern Report isn’t for you.

As individualists and freedom-loving America First patriots, we aren’t looking for 100% agreement. We’re not sheep and we don’t expect our audience to be sheep. But if after reading through some of the stories we post you find yourself agreeing the vast majority of the time, then we’re probably a great fit. Bookmark us. Share links with likeminded patriots.

More About JD

For interviews or other inquiries, reach out through his contact page. You can follow Rucker at various places, including: