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Fresno Shooting: California gun control is fulfilling criminals’ wildest dreams



Fresno Shooting

There was another shooting in California tonight. The state with the most obtuse gun control laws and more on the way should be unambiguous proof that hampering law-abiding citizens empowers and emboldens criminals who do not play by the same set of rules. It should be a wakeup call to progressives to say, “Hmm, maybe we need to rethink our stance on gun control.”

But they won’t. If anything, they’ll push harder and harder until they’re able to make criminals the only ones who could possibly have firearms since owning a firearm will be criminal in the first place. That’s the trajectory the left is heading and they want to take us all down with them.

Nine shot, multiple killed at family gathering in Fresno, California least nine people were shot, several of them fatally, when someone opened fire on a backyard family gathering in Fresno, California, on Sunday night, police said.

No further information was immediately available, including the number of people who were killed. An unspecified number of other victims were listed in critical condition at hospitals.

Police Lt. Bill Dooley told NBC affiliate KSEE that no suspect or suspects had been identified in the shooting in southeast Fresno, which came as the family and friends were watching a football game in the backyard when one or more people sneaked in and began shooting.

Here’s the reality that is so blatant, it takes a supernatural degree of stupidity to ignore it: Gun control laws work against law-abiding citizens and in favor of criminals. The worse of a criminal someone is, the more they love gun control. Why? Because it just means more victims for them to terrorize and a much lower chance they could ever be met with force against them.

But gun control advocates will point out the police are only 7-22 minutes away. Or, maybe they won’t point that out since it’s ridiculous. Police couldn’t help the poor people in Fresno last night, but a law-abiding citizen with a firearm could have stopped it as it started. That seems to be the case most of the time, but the left continues to say we need more laws.

The push to disarm law-abiding citizens is fulfillment of the criminal world’s greatest wish. The less the citizenry is armed, the easier it will be for them to carry out their evil deeds.

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