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Bernie Sanders releases immigration plan and it’s worse than expected



Bernie Sanders releases immigration plan and its worse than expected

The short version of Senator Bernie Sanders’s newly unveiled immigration and border security plan, which his campaign calls “A Welcoming and Safe America for All,” can be summed up in eight words: “Whatever President Trump wanted, Bernie wants the opposite.” President Trump wants to build the wall while Sanders wants it all taken down. President Trump wants to deport all criminal illegal immigrants while Sanders wants a moratorium on all deportations, including violent criminals. The list goes on and on, but the worst part is the policy he’s echoing from other candidates: de facto open borders.

There was a misunderstood but strangely popular policy brought up in the first Democratic debate that was quickly embraced by most of the major candidates. Decriminalizing border crossings doesn’t technically make it legal to cross the border anywhere and for any reason, but it essentially takes away local, city, and state law enforcement’s responsibilities and capabilities of arresting illegal immigrants. Decriminalizing it makes it a civil offense. In other words, crossing the border will no longer be a crime at all.

This policy is MS-13’s and the drug cartels’ dream come true if ever implemented. Local law enforcement would no longer be participating in border security even within their own jurisdictions. If a group of MS-13 gang members walk into a border town, they couldn’t even be stopped by local law enforcement until they are suspected of committing a crime. The would be free to enter and roam the country as if they were American citizens.

The name they assigned it is half right. They’d definitely be welcoming anyone and everyone regardless of their status or intentions. Terrorists won’t have to come up with complex infiltration schemes or pay cartels to smuggling them across. The literally just have to fly into Mexico and walk across the border. But the part of the name that says it will make a “safe America” is beyond Orwellian newspeak. It’s an outright lie that only fools could possibly believe. One can argue it’s safer to keep a home’s doors locked than to leave them open. Sanders’s plan is to take down the door, the wall, and any other impediments and roll out the red carpet for anyone to walk directly into your living room.

And there’s nothing you or anyone else can legally do about it.

It’s a sad testament to the Democratic Party that radical progressive Marxist Bernie Sanders had to play catch up with the rest of the field to unveil an open borders plan that eliminates the criminal nature of crossing the border illegally.

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