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Gavin Newsom recall petition: 600,000 signatures expected by end of October



Efforts to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom are beating expectations, having reached 150,000 signatures three weeks after launching. According to the petition’s originator, Congressional candidate Erin Cruz, the petition is expected to hit 600,000 signatures by the end of this month.

The petition needs to have 1.5 million signatures by February 13, 2020. Cruz is shooting for 2.4 million to make sure enough get certified. If the recall petition reaches its signature requirements, California will hold a new gubernatorial election. Newsom will be forced to step down if he loses. The last time a recall petition was successful in California was 2003 when Gray Davis was recalled and prohibited from running again because of term limits. Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger won the race and became “The Governator,” as he was often called.

This is Newsom’s first term, so he will be eligible to run if a recall election is held.

The timing couldn’t be better for efforts to recall Newsom as several failures have popped up recently across the state. Gas prices are skyrocketing to over $5 per gallon in some places. PG&E is currently having widespread blackouts in an effort to prevent wildfires, though one is raging nonetheless. Homelessness is rampant in all major California cities with failures at the city level exacerbated by inaction from the state.

Meanwhile, Newsom is enjoying his role as governor, feeling secure in knowing the progressive state is unlikely to rebuke him. But as recall efforts ramp up, history is not on his side. Gubernatorial recalls damage them politically. If this petition can reach its goals and force an election, we may see several Republicans attempt to unseat Newsom.

Gavin Newsom has been a disaster for California. He was a disaster for San Francisco as mayor and the city still hasn’t recovered. He oversaw failed projects as Lt. Governor. It’s time to stop rewarding his failures and set California on a better path.

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