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Giuliani claims he has Ukrainian docs showing ‘collusion’… with top Democrats



As much as I hate cliches, there’s no way to avoid saying it appears the tables have been turned. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is releasing damaging information about multiple Democrats who were using Ukraine as corruption central for the 2016 election and beyond.

The impeachment and whistleblower story started out about President Trump. Then, it quickly turned to focus on former Vice President Joe Biden. Representative Adam Schiff took a turn in the hot seat. Now, it seems as if Giuliani is poised to take down a lot more Democrats than that.

But it all comes back to Biden. This is what Giuliani sought in his Ukrainian investigation in case Biden won the Democratic nomination. In that regard, this is a victory for Democrats who are forcing the administration and President Trump’s personal lawyer to expose opposition research they had been collecting for months.

If what Giuliani told Sean Hannity last night pans out, this whole impeachment inquiry may turn out to be a huge miscalculation by Democrats. They thought they were risking Biden to get to Trump. It seems like they risked a lot more than one candidate.

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