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Shocking videos highlight heinous violence in Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district



Murders, rapes, assaults, and other violent crimes have skyrocketed in Minneapolis over the last year. Robberies alone are up over 53% year-over-year, but the real picture is more disturbing than statistics can show. Recent videos demonstrate a severeness in the violence being perpetrated. The criminals running the streets in Minneapolis aren’t just robbing people. They’re beating them senseless and humiliating them in ways that go beyond the simple motive of theft.

One of those videos is making its rounds on social media today. Warning: This brutal assault is difficult to watch:

Meanwhile, their representative in Washington DC, Ilhan Omar, is busy trying to crackdown on ICE, CBP, and other law enforcement agencies. In case you think that’s a misstatement, the freshman Democratic Congresswoman isn’t trying to crack down crime or criminals. She’s trying to crackdown on law enforcement to prevent them from doing their jobs, in some cases calling for entire law enforcement agencies to be abolished. These are the types of policies that lead to the rise in violence her district is seeing today.

But it’s not her fault. She’s a Congresswoman, and it would be disingenuous to try to pin these problems on her. The point isn’t to blame her but instead to blame the far-left policies that resonate through cities like Minneapolis. To seek blame, we need to look at leadership in the city itself, namely Mayor Jacob Frey and the city council. Frey is a progressive Democrat. All but one of the 13 city council members are Democrats with the lone exception being a radical progressive Green Party member.

These are the people to blame for rampant, heinous crimes that continue to put the people of Minneapolis at risk. To stay in power, they bow to the criminals by hampering police, reforming their justice system, and deflecting their problems by claiming the opposition is racist for wanting to bring an end to crime.

Is it possible for Minneapolis citizens to demand better conditions that allow them to walk the downtown streets unscathed? As long as they keep electing radical progressives to lead the city, any such demands will fall on deaf ears.

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