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Christine Blasey Ford was motivated by pro-abortion stance to accuse Brett Kavanaugh



Mark this down in the category of “Things We Knew That Were Later Confirmed.”

Debra Katz, one of the radical progressive lawyers who represented Christine Blasey Ford as she accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault during in the heat of his confirmation hearings last year, has acknowledged that “putting an asterisk next to his name” as he “takes a scalpel to Roe v. Wade” was part of the motivation for Ford to make her accusations in the first place.

The details of her accusation were always sketchy at best with allegations she knew could be neither proven nor disproven. She eventually testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in a failed attempt to derail the confirmation of President Trump’s second Supreme Court nomination.

Katz seemed to hesitate after she mentioned Ford’s motivation, as if concerned she may have said something she shouldn’t have.

It’s been long speculated Ford made up the incident with the sole intention of defaming Kavanaugh, either to prevent him from being confirmed or to taint his lifetime term. In a way, it has worked. It is very possible this incident will influence how he handles abortion cases that make it to the Supreme Court in the future. With state laws becoming more extreme in both directions, it’s a near certainty abortion will be an issue they hear while he’s on the bench.

Many have felt Christine Blasey Ford was motivated by politics and not a cry for justice when she made her accusations. Now, we have our first confirmation that attacks on Brett Kavanaugh were part of the pro-abortion propaganda machine.

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