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Watch: Mexican military police clashes with migrants from Africa, Haiti



They want to come to America and they aren’t happy Mexico is helping prevent that from happening. That’s the story line for the video above as Mexican military police stood their ground at a migrant center against violent migrants from Africa, Haiti, and other countries. At one point in the video, a Mexican law enforcement officer can be seen unconscious and being carried into an ambulance.

Video Mexican military police clashes with migrants from Africa Haiti

Mexico has stepped up to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants crossing through their country to our southern border following an agreement signed between Mexico and the United States. The agreement was forced by President Trump who threatened tariffs, but so far Mexico seems to be doing a very good job at reducing numbers hitting the border. The border crisis is still a major issue, but much of the damage is being mitigated before they even get here.

Imagine if Mexico wasn’t stopping people from reaching out border. With our own border patrol spread so thin by Democratic policies, it’s good to see the Mexican government and law enforcement keep their end of the bargain.

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