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Charlie Kirk asks a good question about opioids



Charlie Kirk asks a good question about opioids

There are few Americans who would argue Fentanyl must be controlled. As a medicine, it is extremely effective in keeping pain levels down for the terminally ill. But in the hands of illegal drug users, it’s one of the deadliest substances on earth.

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk caught news that Mexico had stopped an illegal shipment from China of enough fentanyl to kill every American and most of the rest of the world’s population. This was headed towards the United States. But even as we celebrate this win by Mexican law enforcement, Kirk points out a disturbing reality.

Illegal immigration is a growing problem in the United States, not just because it’s taxing to our resources and brings in potential criminals, but because it distracts Homeland Security from stopping other smugglers. Can we acknowledge, for once, that the risks of open borders is much greater than the Democrats would have us believe?

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