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Which Democratic candidates denounced Antifa? Some didn’t know who they were.



Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization that spreads violence and vitriol to otherwise peaceful events. When they have their own events, they get even more violent and spew even more vitriol. President Trump has denounced them unambiguously to the point of threatening to declare them an official terrorist organization. What do Democratic candidates for President think?

The folks at Turning Point USA are often too kind. They granted checkmarks to candidates who generally denounced hate, which is a cop-out response to a very specific question. But so be it. If they thought Jay Inslee, Joe Biden, Andrew Yang, and John Delaney’s generalized opposition to violence qualified as denouncing Antifa, it’s their video and their team’s effort that was put into tracking down the answers. Tulsi Gabbard gave the only non-generalized response saying, “I have denounced Antifa.”

Arguably the most concerning aspect of the video was seeing how many candidates needed to be told who Antifa even is. It’s not quite as egregious as Gary “What’s Aleppo” Johnson’s lack of awareness in the 2016 election, but anyone running for President of the United States should have acute awareness of the violence committed by Antifa, especially considering all of them love to condemn violence that comes from the right.

This is guaranteed: If President Trump had given any answer other than Gabbard’s in response to the same question about a white supremacist group, the press would have been relentless in their accusations of his implied support. Where’s the media calling out Julian Castro for replying to the question with “thanks”? Why aren’t journalists hounding Bernie Sanders for pretending he didn’t hear the question? Shouldn’t tough guy Cory Booker be held to account for his unwillingness to denounce the group when asked a direct question about them?

The truth is Democrats don’t really dislike Antifa. Some of them quietly support them. And that means mainstream media’s walking orders are to avoid discussing Antifa at all costs. They only make the news when they can be portrayed as a counter-movement against white supremacist groups.

By progressive standards, nearly all of the 2020 candidates support domestic terrorist group Antifa with their unwillingness to directly denounce them. Thanks to Lauryn Gray and TPUSA for bringing this information to light.

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