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It’s time to punish businesses that employ illegal aliens



Its time to hit businesses that employ illegal aliens

When ICE had its raids last week of chicken processing plants in Mississippi, a few good things came out of it. Obviously, capturing hundreds of illegal immigrants, many of whom will likely be deported, is an obvious positive. Koch Foods, who owned some of the plants that were hit, held a job fair that was well received by legal applicants.

But there’s a negative that came from it as well. It highlighted that there are businesses in America that regularly employ illegal immigrants. There’s no telling what will happen to Koch Foods, if anything. ICE’s worksite enforcement investigators will work with others at the DoJ and law enforcement agencies in Mississippi to conduct those investigation.

Whatever it takes to do it and whoever is responsible for doing so, it’s long past time that businesses are held accountable.

In my youth, I was a manager at a steakhouse in Oklahoma City. Two instances really opened my eyes about illegal immigrants in the workforce. One involved another manager who thought it would be funny to scream “INS, INS!” in the kitchen to see what happened. This was before ICE, of course. At the time the Immigration and Naturalization Services were responsible for catching illegal immigrants, so her screams in the kitchen were met with not-so-funny results. Several of the employees bolted for the back entrance.

The other incident happened shortly after when I did my own audit of the paperwork submitted by some of our employees. What I found was discouraging; several of the documents used to prove legal work status were duplicates. Same numbers, but doctored with different names. When I pointed this out to the owner, I expected a pat on the back. Instead, I was rebuked. “We aren’t the police. If they have paperwork, we hire them.”

This was a different era. Today, things like that don’t happen, right? Of course they do.

Before I get into the “cruel” need to enforce our laws as a sovereign nation, let’s talk about the consequences of businesses employing illegal immigrants. The first is obvious. Every job held by an illegal immigrant is a job that should be held by someone in the country legally. The common rebuttal to this is that there are some jobs that only illegal immigrants are willing to do. This is a bald-faced lie built on a fictional premise. Koch Foods learned this the hard way.

But there’s an even bigger problem, at least in our current economic boom that’s reducing unemployment to record low levels. The problem is incentive. We already have enough incentives for migrants to come to America in the form of the “free stuff” they’re being guaranteed by Democrats. But most migrants are coming to America to work. They’re not interested in free stuff, though they’ll take it. They just want jobs that are secure and pay better than they make in their home countries.

By giving them these jobs, employees are encouraging them to come into the country illegally as well as to call on friends and family to jump in with next migrant caravan. It’s making our border crisis much more difficult to manage because it makes them believe they’re going to get everything they want out of America.

If jobs were not available to illegal immigrants, much fewer would even want to come over.

If employers are harming America by giving jobs to illegal immigrants, they do not deserve to be beneficiaries of the American entrepreneurial dream.

That may seem cruel to say, but here’s the thing. Leftists can scream about compassion all day, but they are only looking at the plight of illegal immigrants. To them, I ask that they do any one of three things:

  • Look into a homeless veteran’s eyes and tell him the nation he fought for gave a job that could have been his to someone who defied the very sovereignty he served to protect,.
  • Tell a legal immigrant on welfare that their efforts in following our laws to gain entry are now secondary to the needs of those who broke the same laws.
  • Ask an Angel Mom to stop worrying about the employer who hired her son’s or daughter’s murderer, giving them cover so they could stay in America illegally.

If a leftist can do any of those things and still tell me the plight of the illegal immigrants is their only concern, I’d have to say they’re the ones who are actually cruel.

As long as illegal immigrants have a hope of getting a job in America, they’re going to continue flooding across the border. It’s time to take away their incentives, which means hitting businesses who enable them by breaking our laws.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Democratic mega-donor Ed Buck arrested after third overdose at his residence



Democratic mega-donor Ed Buck arrested after third overdose at his residence

When a second man died at Ed Buck’s home last year, we called on him to be investigated and arrested. But, as predicted, he was not. Now that a third man was overdosed but did not die, police have an eyewitness to the Democratic mega-donor’s penchant for injecting men with methamphetamine. Now, he’s been arrested.

Buck was arrested late Tuesday night and will be charged by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office with running a “drug den” in which people come and exchange favors, likely sexual, for access to Buck’s drugs. Democrats who have received money from him in the past are scrambling to distance themselves from the progressive California “hero.”

Jasmyne Cannick, an activist and show personality who has been calling for Buck’s arrest from the beginning, could barely contain her excitement over the news.

Other Twitter reactions were as expected… harsh:

As Ed Buck prepares to face the judge Wednesday, those who have been calling for justice against this powerful man, such as Jasmyne Cannick, finally have hope that he will face the music for his alleged crimes against so many.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Conspiracy Theory

Here’s the smoking gun that Ilhan Omar married her brother



Heres the smoking gun that Ilhan Omar married her brother

For the last three years, various journalists and internet sleuths have searched for the “smoking gun,” a piece of evidence that ties all of the other circumstantial and contested evidence that Representative Ilhan Omar married her brother in an immigration and tax fraud scheme. They apparently didn’t search hard enough on her Twitter account until yesterday when a major piece of evidence was found.

Omar has since deleted the Tweet.

She and her team have been very good at deleting old posts that could implicate her, including posts in which her second husband and alleged brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi referred to himself following the birth of Omar’s second child as a “proud uncle.” They even deleted the Instagram post that led to this discovery, but her Instagram page at the time was connected to her Twitter account, so the Tweet stayed even though the Instagram post was deleted.

Here is is:

In Somalia, the naming structure is given name, followed by father’s name, then grandfather’s name. Her second husband’s name, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, indicates that his father was Nur Said.

Some have said that she was referring to her husband, and that the rest of the post, which was cut off in transfer from Instagram, probably said something like, “…giving me the best father a wife could want for her children,” or something like that. But in the beginning she refers to “my aabo Nur Said.”

In Somali, “aabo” means father. She would not be referring to her husband as “my father.”

Since entering the spotlight, Omar has referred to her father as “Omar Mohammad” but there are no records to match this claim. Based on this Tweet archive, it seems clear that she was referring to a many who conspicuously shares a name with her second husband as being her father.

Glenn Beck attempted to explain this as well in the video above. A representative for Omar made an extremely feeble excuse for the post and why she deleted it.

According to her staff, she allegedly called her father “Happy Light” then later married a man whose father’s name happened to be “Happy Light.” Sorry, folks. This is a lie.

This should be seen as enough evidence for the DoJ to open an investigation into federal immigration and tax fraud. There is no way for her to squirm out of this or excuse it away based on everything else we know. She should be investigated now.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Guns and Crime

Voting with power tools: Making your own Modern-Day Musket, part I




Voting with power tools Making your own Modern-Day Musket part I

We thought we would ‘Beto’ Robert Francis to the finish and bring up the subject of building your own AR-15.

Now that Robert Francis O’Rourke has made gun confiscation a key part of the left’s socialist national agenda we thought we would do our part, popularizing private production to propagate progressive paranoia.

We certainly have to salute those retail establishments having sold out of their ‘Beto Specials’ on AR-15s and AK-47s in two hours with a true masterstroke with it being ‘online only’ [That’s only a joke since the paperwork would have to be completed in person]. Then there is another outfit producing a ‘No Beto’ Stripped AR-15 Lower in honor of Robert Francis.

Our contribution will be a quick run down on making your own version of the Modern-Day Musket, the venerable AR-15. As is usually the case with ‘democratic’ socialists, they follow Saul Alinsky’s ‘rules’ “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” In the case of the inalienable human right of self-defense they have decided that an inanimate object made of aluminium and polymers is somehow the devil incarnate to the point of trying to make it sound like it shoots people indiscriminately without human intervention.

One video on this subject hails from a You tube producer ‘Nerd Gone South’ making the case of why the AR-15 [or AK-47 as the case may be] is the modern day musket. Because it is easy to build, use and maintain it is extremely popular and in common use. That is probably why the authoritarian socialist left has targeted if for as the first object of destruction.

Parts are parts.

For the uninitiated, the lower receiver is the frame for the bottom half of the venerable AR-15, the Modern-Day Musket. In general, it holds the magazine and the fire control mechanism, as such this is the part of the rifle that constitutes the ‘gun’ according to the government.

The rest of the parts of the rifle are just parts. However, with leftists being obsessed with controlling others, at some point, they could decide that they need a hand in anything that could be used to make a weapon, stone, wood, metal, etc. This video explains the basic workings of the rifle we also included some links to Brownells on the subject for more information.

An ‘80%’ lower receiver is merely a block of material in the shape of the bottom piece of the Modern-day musket, with some of the required machining operations already accomplished. The term ‘80%’ is undefined, but it’s the colloquial term for this type of part. Please note that control obsessed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has already stated in her plans for everything that she would like to regulate these parts as well. Were that to take place the free market could simply work with the basic shapes, raw materials or Bauxite for that matter.

How to machine a 80% lower receiver for the Modern Day Musket.

This is just one of many video’s on YouTube and other locations on the subject of completing the necessary machining operations to finish a lower receiver. This can only be done for personal use, please check with any local laws or regulations in your area just to be certain.

This is a rather involved process, but it’s something good to know for present or future need. While an electric hand drill and portable router can be used to machine the part, the ideal tool would be a drill press or bench mill, something else for  present or future need.

Part II will be on the assemblage of a complete lower receiver either from the ‘80%’ or a stripped lower receiver along with a lower parts kit.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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