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It’s time to punish businesses that employ illegal aliens



Its time to hit businesses that employ illegal aliens

When ICE had its raids last week of chicken processing plants in Mississippi, a few good things came out of it. Obviously, capturing hundreds of illegal immigrants, many of whom will likely be deported, is an obvious positive. Koch Foods, who owned some of the plants that were hit, held a job fair that was well received by legal applicants.

But there’s a negative that came from it as well. It highlighted that there are businesses in America that regularly employ illegal immigrants. There’s no telling what will happen to Koch Foods, if anything. ICE’s worksite enforcement investigators will work with others at the DoJ and law enforcement agencies in Mississippi to conduct those investigation.

Whatever it takes to do it and whoever is responsible for doing so, it’s long past time that businesses are held accountable.

In my youth, I was a manager at a steakhouse in Oklahoma City. Two instances really opened my eyes about illegal immigrants in the workforce. One involved another manager who thought it would be funny to scream “INS, INS!” in the kitchen to see what happened. This was before ICE, of course. At the time the Immigration and Naturalization Services were responsible for catching illegal immigrants, so her screams in the kitchen were met with not-so-funny results. Several of the employees bolted for the back entrance.

The other incident happened shortly after when I did my own audit of the paperwork submitted by some of our employees. What I found was discouraging; several of the documents used to prove legal work status were duplicates. Same numbers, but doctored with different names. When I pointed this out to the owner, I expected a pat on the back. Instead, I was rebuked. “We aren’t the police. If they have paperwork, we hire them.”

This was a different era. Today, things like that don’t happen, right? Of course they do.

Before I get into the “cruel” need to enforce our laws as a sovereign nation, let’s talk about the consequences of businesses employing illegal immigrants. The first is obvious. Every job held by an illegal immigrant is a job that should be held by someone in the country legally. The common rebuttal to this is that there are some jobs that only illegal immigrants are willing to do. This is a bald-faced lie built on a fictional premise. Koch Foods learned this the hard way.

But there’s an even bigger problem, at least in our current economic boom that’s reducing unemployment to record low levels. The problem is incentive. We already have enough incentives for migrants to come to America in the form of the “free stuff” they’re being guaranteed by Democrats. But most migrants are coming to America to work. They’re not interested in free stuff, though they’ll take it. They just want jobs that are secure and pay better than they make in their home countries.

By giving them these jobs, employees are encouraging them to come into the country illegally as well as to call on friends and family to jump in with next migrant caravan. It’s making our border crisis much more difficult to manage because it makes them believe they’re going to get everything they want out of America.

If jobs were not available to illegal immigrants, much fewer would even want to come over.

If employers are harming America by giving jobs to illegal immigrants, they do not deserve to be beneficiaries of the American entrepreneurial dream.

That may seem cruel to say, but here’s the thing. Leftists can scream about compassion all day, but they are only looking at the plight of illegal immigrants. To them, I ask that they do any one of three things:

  • Look into a homeless veteran’s eyes and tell him the nation he fought for gave a job that could have been his to someone who defied the very sovereignty he served to protect,.
  • Tell a legal immigrant on welfare that their efforts in following our laws to gain entry are now secondary to the needs of those who broke the same laws.
  • Ask an Angel Mom to stop worrying about the employer who hired her son’s or daughter’s murderer, giving them cover so they could stay in America illegally.

If a leftist can do any of those things and still tell me the plight of the illegal immigrants is their only concern, I’d have to say they’re the ones who are actually cruel.

As long as illegal immigrants have a hope of getting a job in America, they’re going to continue flooding across the border. It’s time to take away their incentives, which means hitting businesses who enable them by breaking our laws.

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