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Ben Shapiro’s bestselling book gets categorized on Amazon, Kindle as ‘Religious Intolerance’



Ben Shapiros bestselling book gets categorized on Amazon Kindle as Religious Intolerance

Those cheeky progressives. They find ways to make anything good and conservative seem perverse and bigoted. Even when their rhetoric fails, they often find ways to subvert systems or “hack” conservative creations to make them appear to be what they’re not. The sad part is, they often surround themselves in contradictions in attempts to prove their point. They’ll fight racism by being… racist. They’ll fight fascism by being… fascist. But one of their favorite “self-owns” is when they fight intolerance by being… intolerant.

The Daily Wire‘s editor-in-chief, Ben Shapiro, is no stranger to being on the receiving end of their contradictory condemnation. He’s called a white supremacist by scores of progressives while simultaneously being the most targeted journalist in the world by white supremacists. He’s called a Nazi while being a devout Jew. And now, his book that explores how reason and moral purpose made the west great – including the role of religious tolerance – has been categorized by Amazon as “Religious Intolerance.”

The Right Side of History” has been a huge success, rising to the top as the #1 bestseller for weeks. It’s the type of book any fan of history and American exceptionalism should read as it demonstrates why the combination of thought and faith have brought the greatest levels of prosperity the world has ever known. It is in no way a book promoting religious intolerance, but somehow progressive critics have been able to categorize it as such.

The Right Side of History

As Daily Wire editor-at-large Josh Hammer noted, the effect has spread across multiple categories.

Shapiro wasn’t amused.

Whether this was the actions of a group of progressives manipulating the algorithm or haters at Amazon itself trying to disparage Shapiro is unclear right now. But whoever did it is likely sitting in front of their computer smugly pleased with themselves. That’s a trait of many radical progressives. They have challenges with creating great works of their own so they take pleasure in tearing down the works of conservatives.

As I’ve noted multiple times, big tech’s leftist-leanings are a major concern going into the 2020 election cycle. Companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter wield tremendous influence over the hearts and minds of millions of American voters. They’ve engaged in concerted attacks on anything they deem to be “not woke enough,” which is essentially anything that can be classified as freedom-loving, liberty-defending, or generally conservative. Shapiro and his book fall into all three categories, so labeling it “Religious Intolerance” is an expected, albeit diabolical response to its success.

Big tech companies are not our friends. These types of “mistakes” can influence Americans negatively, driving a perverse sentiment that isn’t justified. Our response should be to (you guessed it) buy more of this book.

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