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Warren doubles up on Sanders among ‘very liberal’ Democrats



Warren doubles up on Sanders among very liberal Democrats

There has long been talk that Senator Elizabeth Warren is the better version of Senator Bernie Sanders in the eyes of radical progressives. Sanders may always be the ideological figurehead of their socialist movement, but Warren’s ideas seem fresh compared to Sanders’s repetitive talking points.

This premise seems to be playing out in the latest Quinnipiac poll as Warren has grabbed support from 40% of those who claim to be “very liberal” compared to 20% for Sanders. Frontrunner Joe Biden is close to matching Sanders, coming in at 19% among the far left while scoring 28% among “somewhat liberal” Democrats and 43% among “moderates.”

Warren has jumped up to second with a commanding seven-point lead over third-place Sanders. Behind them are Senator Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Here are the totals:

  • 32% – Biden
  • 21% – Warren
  • 14% – Sanders
  • 7% – Harris
  • 5% – Buttigieg

No other Democratic candidate got above 2%.

Following the two debates, in which Warren benefited from both, Sanders and Harris have seen their numbers go up, then down. Both are trying to claim the progressive mantle that Sanders established in the 2016 Democratic primaries, but Warren is matching both of them combined in recent polling. She seems to be the odds-on favorite to get the progressive vote, which means she’s likely the favorite to get the nomination itself unless Biden and the DNC squeeze more moderate voters to the polls than expected.

This is the current path of the Democratic Party, one that embraces the radical policy proposals of people like Warren. It doesn’t matter how much she plans on taxing the rich to oblivion. The left likes what they’re hearing even if it means America’s demise.

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