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Ilhan Omar splits with 1st/3rd husband again: Report



Ilhan Omar splits with 1st3rd husband again Report

The sordid tale of Representative Ilhan Omar keeps getting weirder as a new report from the DailyMail indicates she has split from her current husband, who is both her 1st and her 3rd, and is moving into a luxury penthouse. This report is neither corroborated nor denied by either Omar or her husband, Ahmed Hirsi.

All of this comes as Omar is being investigated by multiple media and law enforcement figures after accusations resurfaced that she married her own brother to aid him in achieving American citizenship. Calls from within her own Minnesota Somali-American community have come despite attempts to keep the lid on this explosive story.

On social media, she has been going about socialist business as usual. Meanwhile, her husband and father of her three children did not want to comment to the DailyMail when asked about the new living situation.

‘Wow,’ said Hirsi, when approached about the split by outside the complex. ‘I can’t comment on that.

‘I’m sorry, I just can’t say anything,’ he added before driving off in his BMW car.

Omar did not return calls requesting comment from by deadline.

Hirsi, 39, had been seen leaving the $2,860-a-month home alone at 7:45am and returning to drop off his mother and his younger daughter nearly three hours later.

‘He only goes there when Ilhan is in DC,’ one family friend told ‘When she’s in Minneapolis he sleeps at his house.’

Hirsi was noticeably absent when Omar returned to a hero’s welcome at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport last week after being attacked by President Donald Trump.

At the time, he was sitting morosely in a Starbucks coffee shop close to the now-overgrown home that he and Omar shared during their marriage, sources tell

Whether or not they’re separated is actually the least of Ilhan Omar’s marital problems. The walls seem to be closing in on her as accusations that she married her brother to defraud the United States have received more national attention.

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