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It’s time to make it official: The dominant social media organs are publishers



Its time to make it official The dominant social media organs are publishers

Even Google considers itself to be a publisher, censoring the news and oppressing the Pro-liberty Right.

During the Senate hearings last Tuesday on the critical problem of censorship by the dominant social media organs, Ted Cruz presented internal documents that show that even Google thinks of themselves as a publisher as well as oppressing Conservative voices.

As reported on CNBC, he confronted the Google executive with internal documents that prove what we’ve already known to be the case. The dominant social media organs feel the need to tip the balance of power towards the socialist Far-Left. Interestingly enough, the documents show that these domineering organizations already consider themselves to be publishers, so why not make it official?

In his question of the Google executive Karan Bhatia:

Cruz showed a presentation slide that reads “Tech firms are performing a balancing act between two incompatible positions.” The slide included logos from Facebook, Twitter, Google YouTube (which is also owned by Google). The balance illustration described an ideal balance of “unmediated marketplaces of ideas” and “well-ordered spaces for safety and civility.”

Google 2018 internal document that shows tech firms’ balancing act.

Google 2018 internal document that shows tech firms’ balancing act.

The following slide showed a tilt toward censorship:

A 2018 Internal Google document brought out by senator Ted Cruz during censorship hearings at Capitol Hill.

In response to Cruz’s questions about whether the illustration was real, Bhatia stammered and admitted it was. But he said that he thought the internal documents came from marketing teams who were brainstorming and not reflective of the company as a whole.

The second slide presented by the U.S. judiciary committee hearing had headline at the top of the page that read: But Tech firms have gradually shifted away from unmediated free speech and towards censorship and moderation.

This slide had the tech firms Facebook, Twitter, Google YouTube on one side of the balance beam – tipping the scale to one side. The dominant social media organs pushing the scale down with the text underneath reading: Create well-ordered spaces for safety and civility with the words “Politicized” “Editor” “Publisher” beneath.

Clearly these tech titans want to tip the scale away from an ‘unmediated marketplace of ideas’ to one that is ‘well ordered’.

How is this democratic?

Our friends on the Far-left love to talk about direct democracy when it suits their purpose. However, they seem to forget the concept when it comes to the critical issue of influencing the electorate. They complain of oligarchies while they are perfectly satisfied with similar groups when it comes to their advantage.


Not only do they see their role as one of an arbiter in the marketplace of ideas – giving preference to their side. According to the text on the second slide, even they consider themselves to be ‘publishers’. The government should quickly grant them their wish.

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