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Is Kamala Harris a fake progressive?



Is Kamala Harris a fake progressive

It’s probably odd to ask a question like this on a conservative news outlet, but as Kamala Harris surges in the polls, one has to ask whether her past simply hasn’t caught up with her. She’s saying all the right progressive talking points today as she fights to win votes from fellow Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but she’s had challenges whenever her progressive credentials are questioned.

As a Trump supporter, I clearly have no horse in the Democratic nomination race. Even a “moderate” like Joe Biden couldn’t pull me into his camp, but I do have an interest in seeing the weakest Democratic nominee emerge. Among the frontrunners, Kamala Harris is that person. Still, I’d rather see a full-blown socialist like Sanders or Harris win the nomination for the sake of all the races. As long as the Democratic talking points sound more like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and less like Barack Obama, I can see the GOP winning back the House while keeping control of the Senate and White House.

That’s why the points brought up in an article from an obvious Sanders supporter caught my attention:

Kamala Harris might be surging – but her record will soon catch up with her

Harris is talking about financial industry abuses, but she’s doing fundraisers with a Wells Fargo executive, Miguel Bustos, implicated in the company’s fake accounts scandal. When it comes time to take on big banking interests, is it unreasonable to assume that she’ll be less willing to challenge the sector than, say, Senator Warren?

And let’s not forget about racial justice, an issue Harris expertly used to contest Biden’s record. But what will happen when people start to pay closer attention to her history as California attorney general. Harris can talk about her past as a young black girl who personally benefited from school integration. But what about the young black people she sent to prison for drug violations? What about the poor mothers trying to get by in a society that gives them no support that Harris threatened to jail and fine if their kids didn’t show up on time to school?

The points made by Bhaskar Sunkara are accurate. Harris talked a great talk at the first Democratic debate, but her history of intersectionalism shouldn’t be enough to win her the nomination. Have her feelings changed rapidly since hitting DC? Did she go from a law-and-order-loving moderate Democrat to a full-blown socialist overnight? No. She’s pandering. If the Democratic Party wants to nominate a real progressive, there are two Senators staring them right in the face with their Marxism consistently on display for years.

To answer the question, yes, Kamala Harris is a fake progressive. She’s trying to win over votes to keep the real socialists the GOP would love to run against out of the nomination seat. Here’s hoping she fails miserably.

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