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Why AOC missed so horribly when questioning former ICE Director Tom Homan



Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez missed badly when questioning former ICE Director Tom Homan on Friday. The video of her questions and his answers went viral on Twitter, marking one of the few times her army of bots supporters were unable to quash an embarrassing misstep by the freshman Congresswoman.

But while many analysts and conservative pundits are praising Homan for “wrecking” her, as was noted in multiple headlines describing the back-and-forth, the reality is he simply told the truth. Perhaps his style and trademark red-faced passion helped push this assessment, but it was actually an unforced strategic error by the Justice Democrats who coached AOC to go after a single reply. She was unable to get that reply despite trying multiple times.

The goal was simple: get him to acknowledge that his primary, and possibly only, recommendation to former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was family separation. She essentially achieved her goal early on, but kept pushing to get a more direct answer. As a result, she gave him a forum tied to her in which he was able to assert asylum seekers should go to a port of entry instead of crossing the border illegally.

It was supposed to lead up to a future series of attacks on the President and his staff by demonstrating they went for family separation first and foremost. This can be then spun to be a racist response to the border surge, and her incessant use of the race card could then be validated thanks to Homan. But he didn’t take the bait. He rightly asserted the need to protect American citizens multiple times, and the “zero tolerance” policy that he recommended, among other things, was intended to achieve this goal.

Unable to achieve the goal set to her by her Justice Democrats handlers, she moved on to different questions to different people.

This isn’t just a battle for border security. It’s a fight for hearts and minds. Conservatives are on the right side of the battle, but we must not rest on our laurels even knowing we’re right. The left is devious and tenacious. We must persist.

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