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Washington Post prints correction after falsely claiming Veritas videos fake



Journalism in America is a dying art. It’s ironic that one of the most admirable investigative journalists in the nation, the team at Project Veritas, are often the most called out by the fake news mainstream media for being fake. The uncanny ability of publications like the Washington Post to ignore facts, even recorded statements by individuals combating freedom, and attempt to frame the investigators as the perpetrators is their one, true superpower.

It takes a stupid amount of guts to print information so blatantly false and yet come out pretending like they’re the one’s spreading the truth.

James O’Keefe at Project Veritas has called on the Washington Post to not only correct their intentional errors in reporting, but also to make amends for spreading lies about individuals and techniques engaged by Project Veritas. Part of the battle has been won as the Washington Post has corrected some of their issues. But more truth needs to come out, and when a media organization is as powerful as the Washington Post, it’s often hard to force them to do what’s right.

After all, they believe their lies are benefiting Americans by keeping the people protected from the truth. Big tech companies, including fellow Jeff Bezos property Amazon, aren’t really all that bad, right? They may be majorly biased in favor of progressive policies and Democratic lawmakers, but this is a positive thing to the “editorial” crew at the Washington Post.

Thankfully, there are real journalists like Project Veritas exposing reality.

This is just the beginning of the vindication of Project Veritas and James O’Keefe. The Washington Post continues to propagate lies and disseminate biased interpretations of coverage. But lies are all that keeps the left sustained.

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