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The 1st Democratic debate was worse than expected, which is saying a lot



The 1st Democratic debate was worse than expected which is saying a lot

If you were going into the 1st Democratic candidates debate with hopes of seeing pandering, high-dollar policy proposals, pandering, cringeworthy attempts to generate memes, questions answered in Spanish, unhinged notions on sexuality, cheerleaders in the media, and pandering, you got it.

In lieu of highlighting the gaffes, attempts at soundbites, and uncomfortable moments, it’s better to leave it to Twitter hot takes to do the job. Presented in no particular order:

One of the biggest reasons this was so bad is because they did everything they could to one-up one another. I know that’s what’s supposed to happen in debates, but there was a strange feeling that so many of them were saying the exact same thing while contradicting one another. I’m not really sure how they were able to pull it off.

But the part for me that raised an eyebrow was Julian Castro’s invocation of “Reproductive Justice.” He wants to give equal rights to abortion for transgender women. He’s ahead of the curve on this one; medical science hasn’t advanced to make that even possible, yet.

It’s been said already many times, but it’s worth repeating. President Trump won tonight’s debate. He came out looking like someone with solid policies compared to the unhinged “solutions” being proposed by these Democratic candidates.

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