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Vince Vitale: Science relies on God



We’ve done stories about a few videos by The One Minute Apologist over the past few months. It’s actually a very refreshing channel because it does at is says – delivers short apologetic messages that serve multiple purposes.

First and foremost, the videos can be watched and shared with people who may be struggling with their faith or perhaps haven’t found it yet. But it also serves as an excellent way for regular Christians to pick up talking points they can use when talking to non-believers they know.

This particular video is a good one because it tackles one of the most common arguments made by atheists. They often say science disproves God and the Bible. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the observations made by scientists jibe perfectly with Biblical understanding. It’s a common play because allegedly science-minded folks often say they only believe what can be proven by science. Yet they disregard that many scientific theories, including the establishment of and precise consistency of the universe itself.

Vince Vitale answered the questions concisely without dumbing it down too much.

As Christians, we have true science on our side. It’s the interpretation of data that often contradicts the Bible, but invariably those interpretations have to go out of their way to try to exclude God from the equations.

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