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Rick Robinson on AotR: ‘There’s an entire group of people who want this country to fall flat on its face’



America off the Rails host Rick Robinson was on fire from the start of this podcast as Democrats seem bent on making sure the American people see the economy as bad despite the facts. He quickly switched to immigration and by the first break if you didn’t hate Democrats before, you’ll despise them now.

But it wasn’t all hate-on-Democrats day. One problem Robinson noted is the President’s use of Twitter. There are those who believe Twitter is the President’s direct connection with the people, and that might be the case, but the press jumped on him “admitting” Russia helped him get elected, which he later reversed on camera. If the President was at least more careful on Twitter, the press would have to search harder for negative things to report about him.

Once Robinson got into the Mueller debacle, the show flowed free from there.

It’s time to understand something. Democrats crave power to the point they will hurt our nation and the American people if they believe they can pin it on President Trump. Listen to the podcast.

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