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The state of conservative politics: Stick to our guns



The leftward lurch of the Democratic Party has opened up a lane for Republicans to take voters in the middle. This has been happening since the late Obama era and continued through to the 2016 election. Once President Trump won, it became crystal clear the unhinged and angry wing of the Democratic Party has become completely disenfranchised with the moderate Establishment Democrats and were ready to pull the party as close to socialism as they could muster.

Meanwhile, many Republicans have chosen to back down on their conservatism. They see avenues where they can be the “rational” moderates that the Democratic Party is in the process of abandoning. On the surface, this seems to make sense. In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

We need to “stick to our guns” when it comes to proper American conservatism. That’s the beauty of conservatism. It takes what works and doesn’t seek solutions to problems that do not exist. But if we take advantage of the false opportunity sitting there in the middle, we lose the purity of our message and the effectiveness of our policies. By heading to the mushy middle, we can no longer fix the real problems in America using sound conservative doctrine.

I had the blessing of sitting with Jeff Dornik from The GK Podcast Network to discuss the state of conservative politics. It was a fun exchange, one that can hopefully shed light on the direction America needs to head.

Just because the Democrats are planting their flag in the progressive utopia of socialism doesn’t mean Republicans need to go to the mushy middle. We can stand our ground because we have the truth on our side.