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Why Ilhan Omar always invokes bigotry when she’s called out for her idiocy



Why Ilhan Omar always invokes bigotry when shes called out for her idiocy

I would say this is getting ridiculous, but I think it may have been ridiculous the whole time and I just didn’t notice as much.

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has once again attempted to reverse criticism about her unhinged and objectively incorrect attempts to blame America for all the wrongs in the world. This time, the criticism came from Vice President Mike Pence and the subject was Venezuela experiencing the death throes of Omar’s beloved socialism.

First, her ill-conceived comment:

The Vice President’s response:

He also went on Fox News and said he chose to respond to Omar “Because the congresswoman doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

This criticism, which is accurate based on her engagements with the Venezuela issue, prompted her to pull out her favorite weapon: The victim card.

I found her attempt to misdirect away from her own idiocy quite mediocre.

Some may wonder why she does it so often. Surely, she has better arguments to support her perspectives than simply invoking intersectionality as proof that she’s right. But the truth is this: Most of what she says and does have no logical or moral avenues of defense. She’s spreading hatred and she knows it. She’s anti-American and she’s completely unabashed by it. She declared the other day that “this will not be a country of white people” and mainstream media yawned. Would they be yawning if a politician said, “this will not be the country of black people”?

She has no other card to play. All she has is bigotry and she wields it masterfully.

The real question should be, “Why do people support her?”

To answer this, we have to understand what’s happening in America. As a nation, we are polarized, perhaps more than we’ve been since the Civil War. There are tribes, and members of these tribes stick with each other no matter how bad the situation gets. The more insane the leaders of the tribe, the more their followers cheer. Ilhan Omar and others in the new Democratic Party realize they can only get headlines and increase their popularity if they remain controversial and double down on the hatred they peddle.

It isn’t that people are too stupid to realize Ilhan Omar’s incessant invocation of being a victim is nothing more than a ploy. It’s that the people who buy into this victimhood aren’t actually looking for solutions. They just want to hate.