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Compelling evidence points to Mt. Sinai being in Saudi Arabia, not Egypt



There was a strange discrepancy that always bugged me about the Exodus. It wasn’t the verses in the Bible itself that confused me, but the acknowledged destination of the people of Israel according to most modern Bible scholars and archaeologists. They say Mt. Sinai is in Egypt, in a land that even in ancient days was considered to be part of Egypt. But the Bible makes a clear statement in Exodus 13:16:

And it shall be for a token upon thine hand, and for frontlets between thine eyes: for by strength of hand the Lord brought us forth out of Egypt.

This isn’t the only place the Bible mentions God bringing His people out of Egypt, but it’s the one that’s clearly referring to the short period of time following the initial Exodus. One can argue that later verses are referring to the complete journey to the promised land, but this verse is not. It is in preparation for their voyage that immediately follows. Therefore, we must assume that this journey is the one that brings them out of Egypt.

Yet modern sensibilities claim they left Egypt to stop in… Egypt.

When contradictions between the Bible and modern sensibilities arise, trust the Bible.

A recent short film by Ryan Mauro caught my attention when it was Tweeted by Sebastian Gorka. The film blew me away, not just because it was well made and informative, but also because it seems shocking that so few have considered the likelihood that the actual Mt. Sinai from the Bible and the historical events mentioned in the Book of Exodus happened in what is now Saudi Arabia.

But then I thought about it. God’s perfection manifests in ways that are far beyond our ability to comprehend them. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and He’s acutely aware of the need to protect things and keep them hidden until the right moment. Just as the Dead Sea Scrolls weren’t found until just before Israel became a nation again, is it possible that the true location of Mt. Sinai was hidden until the time we’re living in now?

It seems clear the Saudi government knows what’s there. They do not allow tourists or anyone else to go near the area. This makes sense when we consider the implications of everyone from tourists to treasure hunters to scientists exploring the area and potentially finding things that can confirm the Bible. The Wahhabism practiced by the royal family wouldn’t allow them to reveal anything that could prove the Bible of Jews and Christians to be valid.

Watch Ryan Mauro’s extraordinary video. It’s 25 minutes of the most compelling story I’ve heard regarding the true location of Mt. Sinai. In the time we’re in, so many important facts are being revealed. This seems like one of them.

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