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Alabama Rep. John Rogers on unwanted children: ‘You kill them now or kill them later’ in the electric chair



Alabama Rep John Rogers on unwanted children You kill them now or kill them later in the electric ch

In an effort to disrupt proceedings and bring attention using “shock and awe” to the latest pro-life piece of legislation passed in a state, Democrats in the Alabama House used vile comments and silly poems to advance their agenda. It was a losing agenda anyway – HB314 passed easily – so they had free rein to make fools of themselves and their pro-abortion narrative.

Representative John Rogers took his vileness to a new level as he tried to make the argument that unwanted kids are doomed to grow to be murderers who die on the electric chair.

At other times in history, this may be something shocking and newsworthy for mainstream media. But this is 2019, and it’s arguably not even the most vile statement made during the debate. It’s not only ignored by the media but acceptable as a premise to push abortion by many on the left.

That’s the real danger here. Rogers doesn’t go with the old argument that it’s not murder because the preborn baby is just a bunch of cells. He acknowledges that abortion is murder and puts the impetus of his argument on the need to differentiate between the “wanted” and the “unwanted.” It represents a sharp shift in perspectives that may be risky for the pro-abortion movement. Then again, the time for moral relativism may be upon us. Rogers, as a minor player in the greater pro-abortion movement, may be testing the waters.

It’s insulting to think murder at any stage in life is now fair game to some Democrats simply because the victim may or may not have been unwanted. This represents a dangerous turn in the pro-abortion narrative.