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Insanity: Laguna Beach to decide if American flag art on patrol vehicles is too racist



Laguna Beach to decide if American flag art on patrol vehicles is too racist

Every few weeks, something happens in California that makes me wonder why I ever left the political safety of Oklahoma a dozen years ago. This time, it’s something even closer to home. Laguna Beach, quite near to where I’ve lived for over a decade, is deciding today whether the American flag art on the side of their police cars is too “hostile, intimidating, threatening, and a symbol of racism.”

If you’re scratching your head in disbelief, you’re probably a patriot. Leftists don’t get confused by the silly actions of their peers because they’re somehow able to force it to make sense to them.

Let’s be crystal clear about something. The United States is the most diverse and free nation in the world despite claims by some who have no idea about the blessings they have. The American flag has been and always will (should) be a symbol of the freedom and diversity that made this country incredible. There is absolutely, positively no reason why anyone with a brain and an appreciation for the blessings we have in America should ever fight to have the flag removed from a police vehicle. That’s just dumb.

Alas, things that shouldn’t be are all-too-often the prevailing reality in this America-hating state.

Leftists in general and progressive Californians in particular have such a disgust for everything America represents, they find themselves complaining about things that are inconsequential and wasting taxpayer dollars to try to remove anything good about the country, including the flag itself.

Even if the city council rightly votes to keep the artwork intact, the left has still scored a victory by making it an issue in the first place. They enjoy wasting time and taxpayer dollars because they have nothing better to do than to find racism and hatred in everything that’s associated with our wonderful country.

This city is one of the most enjoyable in California. But hyper-leftists truly want to ruin everything for everyone else and they don’t care how ludicrous their demands really are. This is why this became an issue in the first place.

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