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An interesting perspective on the first five trumpets of Revelation



Our desire to preach only the true Word of God keeps us very careful when it comes to eschatology. However, there are certain perspectives that pop up that are intriguing enough to take into consideration.

One such perspective can be found in the video above. In it, the folks at 119 Ministries go through the first five trumpets of the Book of Revelation and offer compelling arguments for alternatives to the predictions that are very popular amongst end times scholars. Could the first trumpet be a massive volcanic eruption? Could the third trumpet be a fallen angel? We would never presume to know the answer but the arguments in the video are well-thought and do not seem to be disprovable.

That’s sort of the point with eschatology. It’s pretty much impossible for us to know exactly what is going to happen. Prophecy is often intended to help us recognize when things do occur rather than to let us analyze it and come up with an understanding ahead of time. That’s how the prophecies about Yeshua worked and we believe that’s how most or even all of the prophecies of the end times will work.

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