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With 36 indictments, Michael Avenatti may be more villainous than most expected



Michael Avenatti Charges

Attorney Michael Avenatti, who became a popular figure in the mainstream last year when he represented a pair of high-profile cases and declared that he was considering running for the 2020 Democratic nomination for President, has received 36 indictments from a grand jury. The charges range from tax evasion to stealing millions of dollars from clients.

It may prove difficult for him to lawyer his way out of all of these charges.


It isn’t often that I’m at a loss for words, especially when it comes to people I don’t like, but Michael Avenatti is an exception. He’s apparently been so busy doing bad things for so long, I’m shocked it’s taken until now to nab him. I’m simply astounded at the sheer number and magnitude of the charges laid against him.

One of the five people he allegedly stole millions of dollars from, Geoffrey Ernest Johnson, was a mentally ill paraplegic on disability who won a $4-million settlement of a suit against Los Angeles County. Avenatti got the money. Johnson never did.

If the charges are accurate and they can prosecute him on all or most (and something in my gizzard says they will), one has to wonder what sort of moron would do everything he could for the last year to draw attention to himself. He never saw a camera he didn’t lunge in front of, never passed on an interview with all the left-leaning mainstream media news outlets, and pranced around on Twitter like a chosen messiah for the Democrats.

He’s a bumbling narcissist. Very bad combo.

The only thing going for Avenatti is that the charges came down the same day Julian Assange was arrested. Of course, even in this turmoil Avenatti probably considers that a bad thing since his spotlight won’t be as bright as it could have been.

But hey, at least we have his website’s homepage to admire his quotes and hair.

With 36 indictments Michael Avenatti may be more villainous than most expected


“The LAT is describing some real cartoon villain allegations against Michael Avenatti in today’s indictment.” – Josh Barro

Final Thoughts

It’s funny that with all of the financial crimes, ethical challenges, and creepy circumstances  brought to lights about Michael Avenatti, that he was considering running for President. Then again, he may be the perfect example of a pure Democrat.

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