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Liz Wheeler: What if government ran healthcare like they run the DMV?



Liz Wheeler What if government ran healthcare like they run the DMV

One America News host Liz Wheeler had an experience with the California DMV that perfectly illustrates why we should never even consider the possibility of expanding the government’s role in our healthcare. She shared the experience as “The Final Point” on Tipping Point today.


This is one of the clearest examples anyone can use when arguing against Obamacare or it’s evil, more powerful cousin, Medicare-for-All. The saddest part is if you ask a leftist whether or not they trust the government to manage things properly, most will rightfully admit they do not. Yet the push from the left is to expand powers for all levels of government, especially at the federal level, in an effort o subvert anything they believe is not aligned with how things should be. Why fight for what they think is right when they can just try to empower government to take care of everything for them?

Unfortunately, our nation and the whole world would be a very different place if they ever got their wish. The Constitution was designed to prevent government from acquiring too much power over the people. For some reason, leftists want nothing more than to give them power over just about everything. It’s inexplicable, as our EIC noted just now:


“Can you imagine the horror of having to go the DMV for healthcare? The worst thing I’m going to have to deal with about my car is possibly a contested ticket, but our healthcare – that’s our lives. Do you trust this mess of a government to take care of you and your healthcare and your family?” – Liz Wheeler

Final Thoughts

There are literally no examples of the federal government properly managing anything ever. This is why Liz Wheeler’s point is so easy for conservatives to understand but somehow goes over most leftists’ collective heads.

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