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Mike Lee makes the case for more babies instead of the Green New Deal and population control



Mike Lee makes the case for more babies instead of the Green New Deal and population control

When Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) took to the Senate floor to discuss the Green New Deal, he made news. It wasn’t just his opposition to the plan. It was the way he framed it as a farcical abomination by using visuals that drew the ire of leftists around the nation.

But the most controversial image he used was that of little babies. This was a great offense to the progressives pushing for the Green New Deal because it called them out for their quietly insinuated assertion that we need to control the population in order to save the environment. The sad part is it’s “quiet” today. Not too long ago, leftists wouldn’t dare insinuate population control was the answer for fear of rebuke. Today, the rebuke isn’t universal. There are people who truly believe limiting the human population is the way to go.

Lee penned an article addressing the controversy behind his baby poster.

Climates change. It’s what they do. There is even evidence that humans have been affecting the climate since at least the Neolithic era. And these changes to the climate have always presented a challenge to humanity. Today is no different.

We have always survived, and even thrived, in new environments. Just look at California. Left in its natural state, the Los Angeles river basin can support maybe 100,000 people. Today, thanks to a creative web of dams, aqueducts, canals, and pipelines, there is enough water for over 10 million people to live there.

This is the creative, practical, life-affirming path that will help us solve the climate change challenge. Instead of looking to limit and even shrink humanity’s footprint on the world, we should be looking to improve and expand it.

And yes, this means more babies.

Human innovation guided by the will of God will help us prevent whatever catastrophe the political scientists in the climate change industry believe is about to happen. Limiting human population is not the answer.

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