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Guns and Crime

Video: Try to tell this girl she doesn’t need to carry a firearm



Video Try to tell this girl she doesnt need to carry a firearm

The standard storyline for hardcore gun control advocates when it comes to personal safety is to call the police. Sometimes, the situation simply doesn’t allow for that, such as in the case of the woman getting attacked in the video below posted by conservative comedian and commentator Terrence K. Williams:

If she tried to call the police, chances are very likely she would have never been able to dial a single digit. If she tried to fend off the attacker who appears to be around 230 pounds compared to her 115 pound frame, it probably wouldn’t have ended well, either. In fact, it’s very likely the thing that saved this girl from being kidnapped, sexually assaulted, or murdered was that she was carrying a firearm and knew how to use it.

Attacks can happen at any time in nearly any place. If the only recourse we have is to call the police, the bad guys have already won. This is why the 2nd Amendment is so important. Without it, more Americans will be harmed or killed.

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