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The challenge of eschatology



The challenge of eschatology

There is no shortage of theories regarding the identity of the antichrist, Mystery Babylon, or any of the various elements of Bible prophecy that have yet to come to pass. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is filled with prophecies. Many have been fulfilled, particularly pertaining to the first coming of Yeshua, but there are just as many that point to the end times, the latter days, that have yet to come to pass.

The identity of Mystery Babylon, the seat of Satan, and how things will play out with the rise of the mark of the beast have poised many to go into deep studies in order to learn and share it with the world. Some of these theories are farfetched. Others make a lot of sense. The biggest challenge that we face with it all is that there is compelling evidence that any one of them could possibly be the reality that we soon will face.

Some of the prevailing theories regarding from where the antichrist will rise and who will take over the world for a time include (in no particular order):

  • Rome, the Vatican, and/or the Roman Catholic Church
  • The European Union
  • A revitalized Ottoman Empire
  • The United States
  • The United Nations
  • Syria/Lebanon (or whoever is in control of Mount Hermon when it all gets started)
  • Mecca (either under the control of Saudi Arabia or following an invasion by Iran or Turkey)
  • Aliens

Over the last few years, I’ve made it a hobby to study eschatology. I would love to devote more than a few hours per week to the studies, but between the distractions of the world and a need to study the Bible itself as well, it can only be a hobby right now. However, over time I believe that I’ve listened to (without deep exploration) a large amount of theories and there are a few things that I’ve seen to be universal about them:

  1. Those who present their ideas based upon fervent study are absolutely convinced that they are right.
  2. Each theory, at least upon cursory inspection, seems to have legs. In other words, if you focus on the ones that are based upon facts, sound interpretation, and common sense, they stand up as being possible and worthy of exploration.
  3. Many completely contradict each other. This is one of the most perplexing elements of eschatology because most prophecies that have been fulfilled have clear meanings in retrospect with very little contradiction. This would point to an outside force spreading disinformation in order to conceal the truth through competing theories.

Let’s take a look at some of the challenging elements of eschatology to try to discern a proper path to explore.

Watch for the signs but do not be misled

To quote a lyric from rock band Tesla’s song Signs: “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs.”

This is very true today. There are ministries that are dedicated to watching the news and world events to identify signs happening today that point to Bible prophecy unfolding. Some would argue that these signs are nothing new, that even those who walked the earth at the time of the apostles were seeing signs of Christ’s return or of prophecies coming true. This is true, but a better argument could be made that the signs today are much more pronounced and compelling.

To quote a better resource than rock and roll, let’s look at the Book of Matthew:

Matthew 24:23-24

23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

If you set your mind to looking for signs of the end times, of the identity of the forces of evil, or of the imminent return of Yeshua, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of seeing significance in nearly everything. I have yet to see a video with modern interpretations of end times prophecies that did not have at least a few instances where the content producer was reaching in order to make a point. They wanted something to be true, so they took facts, spun them around, and presented them in a way that tried to prove their point rather than taking it all at face value. We have a tendency as humans to see what we want to see.

It’s one thing to keep your eyes open, to pray for discernment, and to collect the understanding that our Father is putting before us. It’s another thing altogether to allow our desire to see the signs cloud our understanding and point us in the wrong direction. There’s a reason that this is so easy. It’s because that’s what Satan wants.

Forces of evil at work

There’s a reason that many of the prophecies of the Old Testament clearly point to Yeshua being the promised Messiah. When comparing them to the stories of the New Testament, they act as 100% validation that He is the Christ. Between the two books of the Bible, the only way to come to any conclusion other than that Jesus Christ was exactly who He said He was is to be fooled by having a closed mind.

The events of the end times will be the final proof of the validity of the Bible and the forces of Satan know this. That is why they have gone about clouding the issues for the last two thousand years. They have systematically manipulated men to preach false doctrine and to point to incorrect paths for those who want to follow Yeshua. When the truth will be made clear, the only way for them to confuse the masses is to make false paths that will seem to be clear as well.

We have discussed one of the original changes in doctrine, the switching of the Sabbath, as well as other false paths that are designed to mislead such as EasterHalloween, and the pre-tribulation rapture (or the secret rapture concept as a whole). There is no shortage of manipulations designed to mislead those who seek salvation.

The end times pose the greatest challenge of them all for Satan because he knows that this last great deception will have to be his greatest manipulation ever. This is the reason for all of the confusion. If the watchful are looking in the wrong places or convinced to walk down a false path, they will not be able to warn others or spread the Word of the Gospel before it’s too late.

No man will know the time or the hour, but we will be given the Spirit to understand it when it’s happening. As faithful believers continue to explore and anticipate the terrible events before they unfold, they will be faced with poor information. In essence, they will be unwittingly assisting in the misleading of the masses. This is happening today in churches. It is happening in videos and on blogs. This deception is turning tools of righteousness into vehicles to guide people in the wrong direction.

There’s only one way to see clearly.

Study in prayer

Eschatology is one of the most exciting types of Biblical study, particularly for those who believe that we truly are in the end times. I personally felt myself drawn to it years ago before I had a better understanding of the reality of faith and truly submitting to the Will of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As a result, I went down the wrong path on more occasions than I care to admit.

Before diving into the concept of what is to come, it is paramount to be properly covered in pure faith in Yeshua as your Lord and Savior. Then, one must wear the whole armor of God that is spoken of in Ephesians 6 because no man is strong enough to face the evils alone. One of the most important individual verses of the Bible is Ephesians 6:12:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Before, during, and after studying eschatology, you must be in prayer. To do otherwise opens you up to be taken down the wrong path. The forces of Satan are stronger than you. They are smarter than you. They are able to mislead you with things that you see with your own eyes or hear with your own ears. However, they are not powerful enough to penetrate the armor of God.

Wear it before you go out into the world.


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Liz Wheeler on Ilhan Omar: Chant ‘vote her out’ and then do it



Liz Wheeler on Ilhan Omar Chant vote her out and then do it

One America News host Liz Wheeler was in rare form yesterday as she hammered Representative Ilhan Omar over a plethora of bigoted statements, horrible policy proposals, and anti-American perspectives. Her worldview is not one that should be in Congress, but Wheeler also made an important point about how that worldview needs to be removed. Instead of calling to “send her back,” Americans should be chanting, “vote her out.”

This is America. As ridiculous as it is that someone with the radically unpatriotic ideology that Omar demonstrates is sitting in a chair on Capitol Hill, we must respect that she’s an American citizen and a duly elected representative of her Congressional district. It makes no sense, but that’s the way things are for now. As much as we would love to see her replaced, we must do it the way that makes the most sense – at the ballot box.

If it’s proven that she broke immigration laws or committed fraud of other kinds, then we can talk about other measures. But until then, she is innocent until proven guilty. At this point, there isn’t even an investigation into her past actions, let alone charges filed. We must respect due process rights from start to finish, even if we disagree with someone. We expect people on the left to disregard the Constitution. As conservatives, we must not go to that low level with them.

Here’s the transcript from the video of Wheeler’s final point on her show, Tipping Point:

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a bigot.

She supports the anti-semitic BDS movement that does not think Israel has a right to exist.

Ilhan Omar compared Israel to Nazi Germany just yesterday she spoke at a conference this year sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic relations who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror financing prosecution in US history.

Ilhan Omar once tweeted that Jews and Israel have hypnotized the world.

Omar claimed that any U.S. politician who supports Israel was bought off by the Jews. She says their support for Israel is “All about the Benjamins.”

Ilhan Omar laughed about al-Qaeda during an interview and asked why we don’t talk about the U.S. the same way we talked about al-Qaeda. You know, the terror organization that waged the 9/11 terror attacks against us and killed 3,000 people.

Ilhan Omar then dismissed 9/11 as “some people did something.”

She supports Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. In fact, Ilhan omar blames the U.S. for Maduro’s tyranny and oppression as the Maduro regime murders dissidents in the street if they dare to protest or criticize him.

Ilhan Omar is also pushing the Green New Deal in Congress which would transform the United States into a socialist state and force you to pay for other people’s universal basic income if they don’t want to work. It would also ban fossil fuels and force you to retrofit your house to be green and prohibit or penalize air travel.

Ilhan Omar supports Medicare-For-All which would force 150 million people off their current health care plans, cost 1 million Americans their jobs, and forced tax hikes on the middle class. In fact, Omar wants to force you to be a part of Medicare-for-All because she thinks she knows what’s best for you.

At the same time she’s introducing a bill in Congress pushing the BDS movement that literally says what’s best for Israel is for Israel not to have the right to exist. Imagine this woman having power over your health care.

And speaking of the right to exist., Ilhan Omar glorifies abortion without restriction up until the moment of birth and after all this, when Omar was asked if she regrets her vile anti-Semitic comments that even drew condemnation from Nancy Pelosi, Omar says “nope.”

This is why Ilhan Omar only has nine percent approval rating among swing voters in our country, because Omar’s views are bigoted and racist and socialist and radical and utterly antithetical to the values on which this nation was built – freedom and liberty and justice for all. So chant, “vote her out.” Do not chants “send her back.” She’s a citizen of the United States. This is her home. Do not distract from her bigotry. Chant “vote her out” and then do it. Vote her out of office before she imposes her disgusting bigotry on our nation.

And that’s is my final point.

Wheeler is absolutely correct. The time to vote Ilhan Omar out of office is coming next year. In the meantime, let’s keep the focus on her bigotry and failed socialist ideology. The left has no defense against the truth.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Proving Liberty control doesn’t work as advertised – with humour




Proving Liberty control doesnt work as advertised - with humour

Two classic videos that hammer the point home that ‘gun-free’ zones and gun confiscation fails to protect the innocent.

Humour is the best way of proving a point, even on a deadly serious subject, such as a key part of the Left’s socialist national agenda: Gun Confiscation.

Make your own Gun Free Zone.

The first of two videos serves to destroy the absurd idea that so-called ‘Gun free’ zones will protect people. It’s a humours treatment of a very serious subject given the fact That: Mass Public Shootings keep occurring in Gun-Free Zones: 94% of attacks since 1950.

Make your own Gun Free Zone

While it’s a classic [and of low resolution – sorry] it humorously points out the sheer absurdity of a mere sign stopping a criminal or a mass murderer. The data from the real world proves this point.

Burglars for Gun Control.

The second video makes the point that criminals like Liberty Control since they don’t follow the law anyway and gun confiscation only disarms their victims, making their line of ‘work’ a lot safer – for them.

Burglars for Gun Control | We the Internet Sketch TV

The video skit also makes the point that even disarming everyone puts certain people of less strength and stature at risk. Alternatively, in the case of edged weapons, puts those of higher strength or with the time to practice with such weapons at an advantage.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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False narratives: TIME claims the GOP wants a ‘white republic’



False narratives TIME claims the GOP wants a white republic

This will be the first time I’ve written an article in response to another without reading it in its entirety. I’m not a fan of reacting to anything without knowing all that was said; this is why I don’t engage as much as I should on social media. Too often the responses are based on a snippet description and the title of a link. What ever happened to reading a story that someone posts before telling them how wrong they are?

In this very rare (like I said, I think it’s the first one for me) situation in which I didn’t read the whole article, it wasn’t because it was too long. I’ve been known to read 5,000-word articles to know how to properly respond to a Tweet about it, so this relatively short article in TIME was not too daunting. But around halfway through, I realized I could probably finish the article in my mind. The story was a tired one; voter suppression, gerrymandering, racism, bigotry, Trump bad, GOP bad, GOP racist, Trump bigot… you’ve probably read similar stories from the opposition. But those stories are usually found on leftist news outlets like Vox or Buzzfeed. This is TIME. This is supposed to be the mainstream.

And the mainstream wants you to believe there’s no room for minorities in the party of old white men.

As Thomas Sowell once noted, “A higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It was Republicans whose ‘Philadelphia Plan’ in the 1970s sought to break the construction unions’ racial barriers that kept blacks out of skilled trades.”

I am a minority. I am a legal immigrant. I am very familiar with the history of racism in both political parties, though the left likes to pretend slavery, the KKK, and opposition to the Civil Rights Movement aren’t part of the Democratic Party’s DNA. I am also acutely familiar with which party’s policies work against minorities as well as the downtrodden. One needs only look at the disastrous results of decades of Democrats controlling broken cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Detroit to realize the Democrats protect the elite and let the poor suffer in their own quiet little corners of the city.

On the flip side, we see minority unemployment rates hit record lows for minorities under Republican policies. This isn’t just luck of the draw. It isn’t an oppressed people rising up to prove their Republican masters wrong. This is a matter of good policies empowering minorities and all Americans to do more. But the philanthropic aspect of capitalism and fiscal conservatism are also in play, which is the biggest weakness of progressive Democrats. Charities can and should bear the burden of helping those whose families and communities cannot. Government should be the last line of defense helping people from falling through the cracks. But under progressives, government is the dominant driving force to help people in need. This is why so many in need aren’t getting the help they require.

If all this is true, then one might wonder how the Democratic Party has been able to maintain a false narrative for so long. Why is the GOP predominantly Caucasian? To understand this, we have to go back to the two primary sources of information for Americans: media and education. Both mainstream media and collegiate-level education are industries absolutely dominated by progressives. This is not a rumor or something based on anecdote. It’s demonstrable that this is true. As a result, younger Americans are educated with a bias in favor of Democrats and older Americans have this bias reinforced by mainstream media. It’s indoctrination followed by constant doses of propaganda that make minorities believe the GOP is bad for them and the Democrats are good for them.

History shows the Democrats work against minorities. Current statistics show Democratic policies keep minorities down by design. Logic shows the narrative is clearly driven by progressives up and down the educational and informational streams. This is why one of the most important fights we have with the rising American Conservative Movement is countering these false narratives so more minorities will realize they’ve been conservatives all along.

The GOP doesn’t want a “white republic.” We want to cut through the aggressive lies of the left to help minorities see the truth that conservative governance is what benefits them the most. Articles like TIME’s suppress this truth.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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