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Democrats mull watering down Ilhan Omar’s antisemitism or ignoring it altogether



Democrats mull watering down Ilhan Omars antisemitism or ignoring it altogether

The Democratic House majority had intended to introduce a resolution condemning antisemitism on Capitol Hill following Representative Ilhan Omar’s continuous use of antisemitic tropes in the two months she’s been in Washington DC. The resolution was planned for a vote Wednesday, but has now been delayed as Democrats try to determine their best course of action.

On the table are demands from two vocal groups among Democrats – those calling for the resolution to include all types of bigotry and those who don’t want a resolution at all. The latter group seems to be backing Omar without reservations and includes some of the newest members of the House, including outspoken Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As for Omar herself, she seems satisfied to ride it out silently for now.

My Take

There is very little doubt that Ilhan Omar is against Israel. She may also be against the Jews themselves, though most of her rhetoric has been focused on the Jewish state. But while America focuses on whether or not there needs to be other forms of bigotry called out in order to water down her direct attacks on Israel, the real issue is flying under the radar.

Despite the fact that 58% of religious hate crimes in America in 2018 targeted Jews who account for less than 2% of the population, they’re trying to turn the focus back on Islam. Their rhetoric is geared towards making the press wonder what will happen to Muslims if Jews are singled out in the resolution. It’s an invalid question, one that has no bearing here. The next time a member of Congress starts spewing anti-Muslim remarks, they can revisit a separate resolution. In the meantime, they need to focus on the bigotry of the moment, namely the antisemitism of Ilhan Omar.

Republicans were swift and unambiguous in rebuking Steve King, though his remarks weren’t as clear-cut cases of bigotry as Ilhan Omar’s. As Democrats hem and haw, they set the precedent of antisemitism within their caucus.

This video on our channel says it all:


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