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2020 Vision: A watershed election



2020 Vision A watershed election

When I was born, President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that declared: The Buck Stops Here! I have been observing United States elections since Dwight Eisenhower won re-election by defeating Adlai Stevenson again. That is a fascinating journey through the American political landscape that we’ll save for another time.

Fast forward to 2016. Businessman and celebrity Donald Trump has joined a politically and ethnically diverse field of GOP Presidential candidates. I spent that year and most of the previous one campaigning here in Hawaii for Ted Cruz.

I was frankly put off by the condescending demeanor of the candidate who eventually prevailed in that contest. The debates and the overall campaign trail did not really reveal a person of substance who was prepared to be both President and Commander-in-Chief.

After personal attacks on his wife and father by the GOP nominee, I was extremely disappointed when Ted Cruz eventually endorsed his former opponent in the general election. Since Senator Cruz supports a two-term limit and is now in his own second term, I anticipate he may try again for the Oval Office in 2024. But, he will have to explain how they got to him in 2016.

Before looking ahead to next year’s election campaign, let’s briefly consider how Candidate Trump morphed into President Trump. I will use the example of his choice of National Security Advisor as a reflection of his own evolving policies. Michael Flynn was an extremely conservative choice who was very strong on the war against Islamic terrorism. H.R. McMaster was an unmitigated disaster. Now the pendulum has swung back and John Bolton is right on in assessing national security issues and I really hope he has the President’s ear at all times.

One more example is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who did mostly a lot of nothing. Mike Pompeo is much more astute but his values are questionable. His support of a worldwide LGBT agenda makes one wonder whether he is still following the pathway established by former President Barack Obama.

Many of President Trump’s policies are truly commendable. He moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem where it should have been all along. He recognizes Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as one of America’s best friends in the world and not as a rival as his predecessor did.

But, the incumbent in the White House still has an admiration for strong personalities without due consideration of their underlying ideologies, nor of the threat posed by their respective hostilities towards our own country.

  • Vladimir Putin of Russia
  • Xi Jinping of China
  • Kim Jong-Un of North Korea
  • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey

President Trump also does not understand the inherent symbolism in holding this current summit in Hanoi. At least he didn’t choose, or his Vietnamese hosts didn’t choose for him, Ho Chi Minh City which was formerly Saigon.

As a Vietnam-Era veteran who served tours in both the Philippines and Okinawa, I was at Clark Air Base during Operation Homecoming in 1973 when the former American P.O.W.’s were repatriated after years that for many included torture in the Hanoi Hilton. None of us of that vintage can fail to remember the treasonous actions of Hanoi Jane Fonda. Unless one was on a deferment and not really paying attention.

So now we have reached the occasion to engage in America’s national sport.

Not football.
Not baseball.
Not basketball.


The marathon two-year political campaign is now upon us. Unlike last time in which there was no incumbent and both political parties were vying equally for the prize, at this early juncture only the out-of-power-but-unwilling-to-admit-it Democrats are fielding myriad contenders. I will save my evaluation of them for later. I especially want to address the flip-flopping young Congresswoman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard, but not right now.

As of now, I can envision President Trump being re-elected convincingly on November 3, 2020. That is mostly a good thing because it means we will not be forfeiting our future and the future of our children and of our children’s children to the off-the-wall and off-the-scale leftist binge of the Democrat Party.

Perpetuating or regaining power is what drives the denizens of our nation’s capitol. The world inside the DC Beltway is far removed from the America most of us know and love and cherish.

That’s why this is a watershed election.

The majority of conservatives, including those of us disenfranchised by the 2016 Convention in Cleveland, will vote for Donald Trump if he is once again our GOP nominee. But there are vague indications appearing on the horizon of a potential Primary Challenge. I don’t mean by someone like Jeff Flake with the most appropriate surname.

Allen West?
Nikki Haley?
Another courageous patriot?

The important thing is for the substantive issues to be addressed. The notorious GOP debates in the last campaign failed miserably in that category. They were all just personality clashes made for prime time television.

1st Amendment.
2nd Amendment.
Preventing infanticide.
Family values.
National sovereignty.
Securing our borders.
Stopping illegal immigration.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

There is no candidate with a [D] after his or her name who can fulfill all of these basic needs of our society. Elected officials with an [R] after their name have been unreliable guardians of our values. But no viable 3rd party is going to emerge in the next year-and-a-half. So, we need to ensure that the Republican Party represents the values upon which we base our votes. This means at the national level, at the state level, and at the county and municipal levels.

It is startling to see how totally unhinged today’s Democrats have become. Some reject the United States Constitution outright. Some actually propose the establishment of Islamic sharia law over our own system of secular and impartial jurisprudence.

They wish to take away parental rights to raise our offspring according to our own faith and belief system. Their public schools attempt to socially re-engineer our culture. They teach vulnerable children hogwash such as that they are gender-fluid. They misuse science when talking about climate change, but they ignore science when it comes to gender immutability. They deny medical proof that human life begins at conception.

Some members of the United States Congress are too young to remember the harsh lessons of the Cold War and the failures of socialism. Others are old enough but limit a lavish lifestyle to themselves while seeking the Presidency standing on a socialist platform.

This is the dismal future America faces if we elect a Democrat as our next President. I’ll save discussions of foreign policy for another time. We must continue on the path of reversing all of the fundamental changes that Barack Obama succeeded in imposing upon our beloved land.

If re-elected, Donald Trump will keep us on the right path as long as he surrounds himself with the right advisors. He has a tendency to act upon whatever was last spoken into his ear. He should avoid one-on-one meetings with foreign tyrants.

It will enliven this campaign and engender the discussion of substantive issues if true conservatives will mount a Primary Challenge for the GOP nomination. For those who adore Donald Trump, you should be happy and welcome this because it will give him a bigger stage leading up to the general election against whichever Democrat.

If we hear only Democrats challenging Trump and we do not hear positive conservative visions of our country’s future, the election could be stolen. Watch out for shenanigans like the way multiple districts in Orange County, California were flipped from red to blue in 2018.

So I will just leave you to consider juxtaposing the positions and accomplishments of our incumbent Republican President with other potential conservative leaders. We absolutely must avoid being caught up in the glamour and appearance and style of the person.

How much does he or she know about domestic and foreign policy? How committed is he or she to maintaining a positive work ethic? How well will all our values be represented by our Head of State?

Yes, plus the practical consideration that underlies our ultimate decision: who is the best conservative alternative who can and will prevail against the Democrat opponent?

If you choose Donald Trump, I will join you. But, I would also most assuredly vote for either Allen West or Nikki Haley!


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Gregory Wrightstone debunks Bill Nye on Ingraham Angle



Gregory Wrightstone debunks Bill Nye on Ingraham Angle

Heartland Institute Policy Advisor Gregory Wrightstone was a guest with Laura Ingraham on the Ingraham Angle last week on Fox News. On the show, he took on claims by Bill Nye “the science guy” regarding droughts, famines, and how we’re going to have to move up north just to be able to survive as a species.

Wrightstone, who is known for debunking such heavy hitters as Al Gore, who was certain we’d all be burned alive by 2015. On the show, Wrightstone also took on NASA.

Science isn’t all that hard, folks. Where it gets complicated is when “science” is driven by political agendas and money behind the scenes. Both sides of nearly every debate have politics and money manipulating the science, but the lion’s share definitely goes to the leftists who are more “enlightened” and they’re willing to pay for any result they want from the scientific community that they weren’t able to bully into before.

There is no doubt that strange things are happening with the weather. Is it man-made? Is it reversible? Is it going to kill us all in a decade. The true scientific answer to all these questions is, “probably not.”

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Was Christchurch a lone gunman or a conspiracy?



Was Christchurch a lone gunman or a conspiracy

Yesterday in “Aotearoa, The Land of the Long White Cloud, needs to step back and look at Christchurch objectively“, we indicated that we were dealing with a snapshot of a developing story regarding the slaughter of Muslims in their mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was evident that the investigation into this act of terror and hate crime would continue to unfold.

There has been a 180° turn in what New Zealand authorities are saying about how many people were involved in this attack. In the hours after the unimaginable occurred, Radio New Zealand was citing the law enforcement authorities as having multiple people in custody and hastening to determine if more were involved.

Though an Australian citizen is still being held and believed to be the perpetrator, his alleged motive of white supremacy is having further aspersions cast upon it. As we mentioned yesterday, he had travelled to Pakistan and praised the people whom he met there.

“In the post, the accused said he was visiting Pakistan for the first time. He called it an incredible place filled with the most earnest, kind hearted and hospitable people in the world.”

Now it turns out that Turkish intelligence is investigating the time that he spent in that country and believes that others may likely be involved. Today RNZ posted an article entitled “Turkish intelligence investigating Christchurch accused ~ report“.

Among the troubling concerns documented are:

“Tarrant’s interest in the Ottoman Empire, which controlled much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa between the 14th and early 20th centuries and its downfall, have raised suspicions.”

“Turkish intelligence thinks there is a well-resourced organisation behind this.”

“That kind of ordinary profile, that is not very well educated, and not rich … this person cannot commit such a violent action on his own….”

Without further details, it could be either that he was fascinated by the Ottoman Empire and/or that he sought retribution against the acts of the Ottoman Empire. If the RNZ article is accurate ~ and because it is very much at variance with most of the articles which have been posted showing empathy for the Muslim victims, and painting the perpetrator as a white supremacist ~ it’s unlikely that RNZ would invent the story about Turkish intelligence.

The article further states:

“Senior politicians from Turkey have been meeting with New Zealand government representatives and are expected to spend the next few days in Christchurch.”

Therefore it is rather surprising that today, New Zealand Police has tweeted out that:

“This is now an international investigation which includes staff from the FBI and @AusFedPolice on the ground in New Zealand, as well as investigators assisting in Australian states.”

No mention of Turkish authorities.

NZP also tweets:

“There is no indication at this stage that anyone else was directly involved in the attack – we believe this horrific act was committed by one person.”

Just as FBI quickly concluded that the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was strictly an act of domestic terrorism. But there is adequate information even in the public domain that Terry Nichols had traveled at least twice to his wife’s home country of the Philippines and had opportunity to potentially meet with 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to learn the art of bomb-making.

So, NZP appears intent upon disavowing or simply ignoring earlier indications of co-conspirators for Christchurch. They acknowledge the FBI and Australian Federal Police but they do not allude to the presence of Turkish officials in New Zealand at this time.

When we add to this the warning for the New Zealand Jewish Community to stay away from their synagogues the day after the attack on Muslims in their mosques in Christchurch, it is readily apparent that a wider threat was perceived even though the gunman was in custody. So, if the shooter acted alone, all this was just an over-reaction by New Zealand authorities. An alternative explanation could be that there are others still at large that they don’t want to discuss.

But the most important consideration goes even deeper into what is starting to look like a possible cover-up. Was white supremacy really the motivation?

“It’s more than just irony that the mosque attack occurred in a city named Christchurch. It’s probably deliberate. An alleged white supremacist chose such a locale. So could a Muslim offended by the city name. In this, they’d have common cause. Both wonder why Muslims chose to live there.”

If Christchurch was intended to strike a blow in the name of white supremacy to end unmitigated immigration by Muslims, it has accomplished the exact antithesis of that objective. Overnight, the prevailing narrative of Islamic terrorism against non-Muslims in a worldwide Jihad ~ though accurate and well-documented ~ has been replaced by politicians everywhere jumping on the bandwagon to express solidarity with Muslims as victims of religious bigotry.

We will continue monitoring the aftermath of Christchurch. Our purpose is to provide counterpoint to those who start with a preconceived notion and then strive to confirm it. Rather, we look at the facts and draw conclusions objectively.

If it was white supremacy, we will plainly so state. But, the alternative is not necessarily a false flag operation. The perpetrator could have been manipulated by those with motives different from his own. That’s why this report about the suspicions of Turkish intelligence are so significant.

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It’s official: Sen. Mike Lee has come out of the closet



Its official Sen Mike Lee has come out of the closet

In the Age of Trump, where Trumpservatism has replaced conservatism within the Republican party, many of those once heralded for their “strident” defense of conservative values have come out of the closet — politically speaking — to publicly admit their same-politics attraction to the Far-Left.

One such “conservative” is Gutless On Principles Hall of Shame enshrinee, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT).

Over the past two years, Lee has developed a political infatuation with Ivanka Trump’s socialist feminist agenda and has worked to advance many of the same policies promoted by Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign.

Lee, along with Marco Rubio, were same-politics partners with Daddy’s precious to “help” working families by using so-called tax reform to increase their dependency on the federal government via the tax code.

A few months ago (Nov 2018), Lee was same-politics partners with Ivanka and Van Jones — yes, THAT Van Jones — to promote and eventually pass the First-Step Act, a law that Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz said gave drug traffickers and gun felons early release from prison, emasculated police and prosecutors, and made America less safe.

This brings us to Lee’s most recent out-of-the-closet moment.

In his 2018 State of the Union, Trump pushed a big-government agenda even Barack Obama would love, and his wish-list of progressive priorities included Hillary’s and Ivanka’s paid family leave. Following the SOTU, Lee, Rubio and Ivanka engaged in another political affaire de coeur to create a so-called “budget neutral” scheme that would allow individuals to borrow from their future Social Security benefits in order to take several paid weeks off work for the birth or adoption of a child.

Though temporarily put on the back burner until after the 2018 mid-terms, Trump again promoted paid family leave in his recent SOTU. And just as before, Mike Lee got to work to make it happen, this time with a new same-politics partner, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA).

Known as the CRADLE Act (Child Rearing and Development Leave Empowerment Act), Lee and Ernst have proposed a plan that will allow America to “catch up with other countries” by creating a cradle-to-grave welfare state sure to bring a smile to Ivanka’s face.

Conservatives know that creating a new entitlement is a bad idea for a host of reasons. But when you add the U.S. debt crisis, the unfunded liabilities of $123 trillion dollars and growing already on the books for entitlements, and the fact that Social Security is projected to be bankrupt in 15 years, Lee’s socialist-friendly proposal is epitome of out-of-control big government.

Mike Lee has officially come out of the closet to declare his same-politics attraction to the Far-Left. Meanwhile, the search for a “straight” conservative in Washington continues.

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David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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