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Wealth, walls, and guns: The reasons behind the left’s hypocrisy



Wealth walls and guns The reasons behind the lefts hypocrisy

If you’re expecting this to be another “gotcha” list of examples of leftists owning multiple homes that are surrounded by walls and protected by men with guns, you’ll be disappointed. Those articles are everywhere and they seem to have no effect in shaming the left or educating the masses. Instead, let’s stipulate that this is the case and address the real issue: the reasons they call for measures with no intention of turning those measures against themselves.

Yesterday, I was having a nice chat with my son about the Venezuela situation. We agree that armed conflict with Venezuela should be off the table because as a sovereign nation that is not attacking us, their need for aid does not warrant that aid being forced upon them even though their leader is being obtuse. The very notion of “invading” Venezuela in any way is the type of interventionist strategies that should be long buried in our neo-conservative past.

He wondered why there had been no real uprising. If the protests over the last three years haven’t been working, then it’s time for the people to rise up and revolt, right? Aye, there’s the rub. How can a people who have lived under socialism for nearly two decades get together and use their numbers to revolt against President Nicolás Maduro and the military he controls? The answer: They can’t. It would be nearly impossible for them to do so on their own. If there’s a charismatic leader, perhaps Juan Guaidó, who is able to wrest away some control over the military, then revolution is possible. But if he nor anyone else can do that, then even if a majority of the 30 million or so oppressed Venezuelans rose up against the regime, they’d have a very difficult time getting any traction against the military.

They have no guns. They have no food. They have no resources. All they have is the socialistic ideas that have been carved into their minds for the past two decades.

That’s the point of nearly everything the political left in America is doing lately. Their hypocrisy regarding wealth, walls, and guns isn’t new, but the full-court press many of them are using to generate support for their ideas through lies, propaganda, and lunacy is new in America. It’s not new in Venezuela, a nation that had corrupt leaders but was still functional through their capitalistic days before the the turn of the century. Now, they have no recourse. Their protests are ineffective. At this point they require international intervention and it’s unlikely that will happen. Why? Because the Maduro government is going to get propped up by Russia, China, and others who would like to see him retain power.

This isn’t about Venezuela, though. This is about America. We’re seeing the seeds of socialism, restrictions on freedoms, and consolidation of power in Washington DC happening every day. My biggest disappointment in the Trump administration has been the continuously increasing budgets and power. Yes, they cut taxes and sliced through a good amount of bureaucracy, but they didn’t cut expenses nor did they start returning power to states and individuals. Instead, they’ve increased spending, drawn in more power, and set up the next Democratic regime to expand on the trends they and previous administrations have set.

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The hyper-leftists have seen the writing on the wall and realize now is the time to strike. In President Trump, they see a partial foil to their ideology, one wrapped in enough unpopularity from the left that if they can sell their ideas to the folks in the middle, they feel they can initiate the fundamental change in America they once hoped would be brought about by President Obama. He only partially delivered, but the strides he made for their cause was enough to form the building blocks for their new radically progressive foundation.

Their goals are not to super-tax the wealthy, prevent the wall from being built, or take away our guns. Those are only portions of their true goal of subjugating Americans under complete government control. In each of these three focus points they see a threat to their end goal. The wealthy are able to keep Americans employed without government intervention. The wall is a symbol of sovereignty that counters their desire for open borders, which keep a flow of dependent people coming into America. As for guns, they represent the recourse of patriotic Americans should the government become the oppressive entity the founding fathers feared.

It’s important for every conscientious American to recognize what the hyper-leftists really want. Their sales pitch is a good one on the surface, just like previous ideologies that swept through and destroyed countries like Venezuela. It sounds nice to many Americans that they will be taken care of, free to play Fortnite or watch Netflix instead of slaving away at their 9-5. It sounds wonderful to the those buried in student loans or medical bills. Their sale pitch of taking from the rich, keeping the borders open, and removing guns from everyone other than law enforcement and the elite is one that might not sound exactly right to many Americans, but if the get “free” stuff in exchange, maybe it’s worth it to them.

The left is selling the dream of mediocrity to a generation that has been taught to take its nation’s greatness for granted.

In truth, the left is very tight with THEIR wealth. They love the walls that protect THEIR property. They arm THEIR guards with more than rolled up newspapers. The left isn’t about taking all wealth, stopping all walls, or confiscating all guns. Just yours and mine.


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Pelosi’s endgame strategy: Impeach Trump during general election season



Pelosis endgame strategy Impeach Trump during general election season

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been playing a balancing act for the past few months. On one hand, she has to stop her caucus from becoming too zealous about impeaching President Trump, fearing the same public backlash the GOP received in 1998 during impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. On the other hand, she needs to keep the specter of impeachment alive so she doesn’t start getting attacked by the radical Democratic base who want the President out immediately.

But lost in the mix is the speculation that Pelosi is fully prepared to impeach the President, just not yet. She wants to bring impeachment and all the mud that will be flung at the President as a result during the heart of general election season.

Evidence of this is all circumstantial but compelling. In a closed-door meeting with committee heads yesterday, she instructed her team to keep up the pressure through investigation after investigation. This would normally not be enough to appease impeachment hawks like Maxine Waters and others, but their clear support for the strategy is an indicator that they’ve been promised vindication at a better time than now. Otherwise, there’s enough support for impeachment among the base for them to continue beating the drum louder and possibly even call for Pelosi’s ouster.

It’s also conspicuous that lower members of the Democratic totem pole haven’t gone after Pelosi, including known antagonists like Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

Pelosi knows her time is short if things don’t go her way quickly. She was able to gather support from opposition within her caucus by promising to only serve as Speaker for two years. But she has no intention of stepping down if Democrats retain control of the House of Representatives through the 2020 election. Instead, she intends to build her credentials by strategically beating the President, not only on the political arena but in the 2020 election itself. No, she’s not running, but if she launches her impeachment hearings in a way that can earn her credit for the Democratic nominee to win, she will have solidified her seat as Speaker for as long as she wants to stay there.

It’s a huge gamble. Depending on how the impeachment proceedings go in the eyes of the public, she could do enough damage to help kick the President out of the Oval Office. On the other hand, she could seal her own fate if the President wins as a result of sympathy he’s able to garner from the political move of a well-timed impeachment proceeding. It has the potential to backfire spectacularly if the public sees it as a dirty trick, one that could even cost the Democrats control of the House.

But in reality she doesn’t have much to lose. If she impeaches now when it won’t affect the election or if she chooses not to impeach at all, there’s a very good chance she’ll be held to her word to step down as Speaker in 2021. If she delivers the White House to the Democrats, she’ll be locked in her Speaker seat indefinitely.

This should infuriate Democrats more than Republicans, especially the growing radical wing of the party. Their goal, as stated by the Justice Democrats, is to take over the party from within. But Pelosi’s moves are not only meant to harm Republicans but also increase the power over the Democratic Party held by the establishment.

We may be witnessing the swampiest tactics every put on display from Capitol Hill as Speaker Pelosi plots the takedown of a sitting President. Some say she’s impotent, but clearly she’s a viper with plenty of bite left.

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AOC says 2/3rds of Democrats have ‘social intelligence of a sea sponge’ for believing her 12-year apocalyptic claims



AOC says 23rds of Democrats have social intelligence of a sea sponge for believing her 12-year apoca

On May 12, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said anyone who took her literally about the world ending in 12 years over climate change would “have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge.” A new survey by Rasmussen indicates most Democrats have such social intelligence. They took her literally, and therefore they all possess sea-sponge-intellects, according to their young cult leader.

67% of Democrats believe the United States has only 12 years to aggressively fight climate change or else there will be disastrous and irreparable damage to the country and the world.

This is the problem with radical progressive politicians like AOC. She mixes hyperbole with her actual feelings and doesn’t give indications as to when she’s being literal and when she’s using “dry humor + sarcasm.” But if you listen to one of the many instances where she makes the claim about 12-years-until-apocalypse, she seems deadly serious.

She’s not the biggest problem, though. The real problems are the millions of sheep who follow here without question, who believe everything she says and support everything she does. The left often argues that President Trump’s most passionate followers are like a cult, but even the President’s supporters aren’t as dedicated when it comes to taking him literally as AOC’s cult following is with her claims. The response to Trump’s actions and statements are supported but measured. Moreover, I’ve seen (and participated in) plenty of pushback against some of his policies from tariffs to firearm restrictions to dealing with North Korea.

We hear fairly regularly about pushback from prominent conservatives, and oftentimes the President takes this pushback into account when making decisions. But with AOC, the only occasional pushback comes from the Democratic establishment as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi or other old school Democrats jab at AOC a bit. Otherwise, she’s unabated in her rhetoric and unchecked in her actions.

Here’s the sad part. If you were to tell AOC’s followers they were sea sponges for taking her literally, they’d scream at you. But if you showed them that SHE called them sea sponges, they’d nod and say, “Oh, if AOC said it, I must be a sea sponge.”

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Lindsey Graham makes two great points about the Democrats’ impeachment hysteria



Lindsey Graham makes two great points about the Democrats impeachment hysteria

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on Fox News with Sean Hannity today to discuss how many Democratic lawmakers and candidates for president have gone into full-blown impeachment hysteria. He made a pair of excellent points.

First, he noted that the Democrats are doing so at their own peril. It’s difficult for them to justify pushing forward following failed investigations and realizations that their narrative about President Trump colluding with the Russians was patently false. The American people have and well continue to see through their attacks as nothing more than unhinged anti-Trump rhetoric designed to distract voters from their own shortcomings. Nevertheless, they’re forced into this line of thinking by the hyper-leftist base that is essentially telling them to take the impeachment way or the highway.

But he noted something else equally important. He said, “The public’s going to kick the Democrats out of power and they’re going to reelect the President if he stays focused on doing the job for the American people.” [emphasis mine]

This is extremely important to understand because the President is known as a fighter. Ever since Attorney General William Barr released his summary of the Mueller Report, the President has Tweeted and talked about it almost non-stop. As recently as this morning, he focused again on the Democrats coming after him.

Graham is correct. If the President keeps doing what he’s been doing in the Oval Office and refrains from being drawn into the Democrats’ petty battles with him, the people will appreciate it. If he goes low with them, there could be challenges.

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