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Wealth, walls, and guns: The reasons behind the left’s hypocrisy



Wealth walls and guns The reasons behind the lefts hypocrisy

If you’re expecting this to be another “gotcha” list of examples of leftists owning multiple homes that are surrounded by walls and protected by men with guns, you’ll be disappointed. Those articles are everywhere and they seem to have no effect in shaming the left or educating the masses. Instead, let’s stipulate that this is the case and address the real issue: the reasons they call for measures with no intention of turning those measures against themselves.

Yesterday, I was having a nice chat with my son about the Venezuela situation. We agree that armed conflict with Venezuela should be off the table because as a sovereign nation that is not attacking us, their need for aid does not warrant that aid being forced upon them even though their leader is being obtuse. The very notion of “invading” Venezuela in any way is the type of interventionist strategies that should be long buried in our neo-conservative past.

He wondered why there had been no real uprising. If the protests over the last three years haven’t been working, then it’s time for the people to rise up and revolt, right? Aye, there’s the rub. How can a people who have lived under socialism for nearly two decades get together and use their numbers to revolt against President Nicolás Maduro and the military he controls? The answer: They can’t. It would be nearly impossible for them to do so on their own. If there’s a charismatic leader, perhaps Juan Guaidó, who is able to wrest away some control over the military, then revolution is possible. But if he nor anyone else can do that, then even if a majority of the 30 million or so oppressed Venezuelans rose up against the regime, they’d have a very difficult time getting any traction against the military.

They have no guns. They have no food. They have no resources. All they have is the socialistic ideas that have been carved into their minds for the past two decades.

That’s the point of nearly everything the political left in America is doing lately. Their hypocrisy regarding wealth, walls, and guns isn’t new, but the full-court press many of them are using to generate support for their ideas through lies, propaganda, and lunacy is new in America. It’s not new in Venezuela, a nation that had corrupt leaders but was still functional through their capitalistic days before the the turn of the century. Now, they have no recourse. Their protests are ineffective. At this point they require international intervention and it’s unlikely that will happen. Why? Because the Maduro government is going to get propped up by Russia, China, and others who would like to see him retain power.

This isn’t about Venezuela, though. This is about America. We’re seeing the seeds of socialism, restrictions on freedoms, and consolidation of power in Washington DC happening every day. My biggest disappointment in the Trump administration has been the continuously increasing budgets and power. Yes, they cut taxes and sliced through a good amount of bureaucracy, but they didn’t cut expenses nor did they start returning power to states and individuals. Instead, they’ve increased spending, drawn in more power, and set up the next Democratic regime to expand on the trends they and previous administrations have set.

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The hyper-leftists have seen the writing on the wall and realize now is the time to strike. In President Trump, they see a partial foil to their ideology, one wrapped in enough unpopularity from the left that if they can sell their ideas to the folks in the middle, they feel they can initiate the fundamental change in America they once hoped would be brought about by President Obama. He only partially delivered, but the strides he made for their cause was enough to form the building blocks for their new radically progressive foundation.

Their goals are not to super-tax the wealthy, prevent the wall from being built, or take away our guns. Those are only portions of their true goal of subjugating Americans under complete government control. In each of these three focus points they see a threat to their end goal. The wealthy are able to keep Americans employed without government intervention. The wall is a symbol of sovereignty that counters their desire for open borders, which keep a flow of dependent people coming into America. As for guns, they represent the recourse of patriotic Americans should the government become the oppressive entity the founding fathers feared.

It’s important for every conscientious American to recognize what the hyper-leftists really want. Their sales pitch is a good one on the surface, just like previous ideologies that swept through and destroyed countries like Venezuela. It sounds nice to many Americans that they will be taken care of, free to play Fortnite or watch Netflix instead of slaving away at their 9-5. It sounds wonderful to the those buried in student loans or medical bills. Their sale pitch of taking from the rich, keeping the borders open, and removing guns from everyone other than law enforcement and the elite is one that might not sound exactly right to many Americans, but if the get “free” stuff in exchange, maybe it’s worth it to them.

The left is selling the dream of mediocrity to a generation that has been taught to take its nation’s greatness for granted.

In truth, the left is very tight with THEIR wealth. They love the walls that protect THEIR property. They arm THEIR guards with more than rolled up newspapers. The left isn’t about taking all wealth, stopping all walls, or confiscating all guns. Just yours and mine.


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When Biden enters the race, he’ll lurch left, proving the Democratic Party is lost forever



When Biden enters the race hell lurch left proving the Democratic Party is lost forever

I have a confession to make. I like Joe Biden. No, I don’t like his politics. But, unlike Bernie, Beto, Kamala, or any of those who are officially in the Democratic fray, Joe is the only one I could see myself having a beer with and talking about things… as long as none of it has to do with politics.

The other thing about Biden over the decades is that he seems like one of the “common sense” moderate Democrats that once filled the halls of Capitol Hill during the Reagan-Bush-Clinton years. He’s not a radical progressive espousing socialistic principles or calling for us to abolish planes and cows.

Unfortunately, that’s going to change. When he enters the Presidential race, he won’t be the moderate Democrat that he’s been in the past. He’s going to let out his hyper-leftist core in an effort to match the lunacy of Bernie and Co.

In fact, in his recent semi-run-announcement, he even declared something that tipped his hand not only to the fact he’s strongly considering running but that he’ll paint himself as a radical progressive.

“I know I get criticized. I’m told I get criticized by the new left,” Biden said told the audience at the First State Democratic Dinner. “I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the — anybody who would run.”

The “news” in all this was pronounced that he gaffed his way into admitting he was running. But the actual story is in how he’s going to run. Just like every major candidate, he’s going to embrace the hyper-leftists that control the way primaries work now. They came close to controlling the narrative in 2016, but the Democratic Establishment stole their thunder and ruined their candidate. That won’t happen this time. Whoever gets nominated is going to draw from the depths of the most leftist perspectives imaginable within the Democratic Party. They’re going full-blown socialist, and even a former moderate like Biden can read that particular writing on the wall.

The problem with making bold leftist promises to win primaries is that the inevitable shift to the center following the nomination can only go so far. It won’t be like Hillary Clinton who didn’t have to run too far to the left to win the nomination. In 2020, the winner will have to be as left as they come, which is why every candidate is currently in the process of trying to out-stupid one another.

Any hopes that Biden might be the moderate exception can be tossed out the window. He’s going to be joining his comrades in their communistic ways. He may not like it deep down, but then again, he might find that he loves it. There’s really no way to know what’s actually solid and what’s fluid in the hearts and minds of modern politicians.

All of this can be broken down to one conclusion: The Democratic Party is lost. They’ve succumbed to the radical nature of their base and there’s no way to go back in the near future. In fact, the only thing that might be able to save the party is if they actually get power, install their radical ideas, and destroy the country. Then, many will realize how wrong they were, but at that point it will be too late.

We need now, more than ever, to spread the conservative message to the masses. We regularly ask for financial help since we’re a crowdfunded news outlet. I’m asking again right now.

Just as we must fight the leftward lurch of Republicans, we must also destroy the hyper-leftist mentality that’s taking over the Democratic Party. They’ll annihilate the nation if they’re allowed.

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Steve Deace: Media isn’t biased. It’s opposition media.



Steve Deace Media isnt biased Its opposition media

If you haven’t heard that a Reuters reporter held damaging information about Beto O’Rourke during his Senate campaign against Ted Cruz (R-TX), only to reveal it after he announced his run for president, you’re not alone. It wasn’t given much coverage by mainstream media since it points out the opposing nature of the media against anyone and anything conservative.

That’s the state of the media in 2019. It’s been like this for a while.

Conservative commentator Steve Deace Tweeted the truth about the media as demonstrated by their willingness to cover up for O’Rourke:

While most on the right seem to believe the President is the victim of a media bent on opposing him, it’s actually much bigger than that. Had Trump not won the GOP nomination, Ted Cruz or whoever emerged to beat Hillary Clinton would be facing the same opposition from the press. They may be more bold as a result of Trump’s win, but their ideology hasn’t changed. They don’t just oppose Trump. They don’t just oppose Republicans. They oppose anything that seems to be right-leaning.

The media has emerged as the communications and propaganda department for the left. Keep in mind that it’s not just Democrats they support. Their collective ideology is opposed to anything that smells conservative. This is just another reasons we ask our readers to support us any way they can. Being crowdfunded means we have the ideological independence to fight against those in the media who operate in opposition to conservatism. We simply need more revenue in order to get the message out to more people.

The biggest challenge the media has had since President Trump’s election is holding back their bias. But there’s a difference between pretending to be unbiased in reporting and outright covering up for the Democrats in an effort to help them in their election chances. The left is now claiming the coverup was all about saving juicy snippets for a book, but let’s get real here. The writer was well aware that news about O’Rourke breaking the law as part of a hacker group would have not only hurt his chances in his campaign against Ted Cruz. It could have ruined his chances of being propped up as a Democratic candidate.

This wasn’t about a book. It was about protecting a guy mainstream media adores.

Some would say the timing is bad for this information to come out. This is incorrect. This is the best time, shortly after his announcement, for him to address the issue and put it behind him before getting into the heat of the debates. It’s a time when this news will have the lowest possible impact on his presidential chances.

Some tell us we need to be unbiased rather than being a conservative news outlet. If the scale ever tips away from the far-leftist lean it currently has, we may consider it. In the meantime, we’ll keep fighting the good fight.

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Culture and Religion

Muslim leader in Ilhan Omar’s district: ‘When David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan agrees with you…’



Muslim leader in Ilhan Omars district When David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan agrees with you

The controversy over Representative Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) antisemtic statements and Tweets have garnered the freshman Congresswoman criticism from some unlikely sources, including many of the Muslim leaders in her own community. They, along with Jewish Democrats in the district that voted for Omar, are uniting to condemn the way Omar has been handling her first few months in office.

“When David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan agrees with you, you’re not doing something right,” said Mohamed Ahmed, a Muslim activist who spoke with a panel of other local leaders.

The Congresswoman came under fire for her statements, but the response from Congress was muted. Rather than focusing on antisemitism or even including her name in an “anti-hate” resolution, they watered it down to include essentially any form of hate and refused to note Omar’s role as the catalyst for the resolution in the first place.

In other words, she got off without even getting a slap in the wrist.

But the words are still out there and thus far the antisemitic Congresswoman seems more concerned about other people’s reactions than whether or not her words were wrong. Apparently, she still sees no problem in what she said, but will refrain from saying them in public for political expediency.

My Take

As noted here before, one of the goals of the Democratic Party is to normalize antisemitism. While everyone seems to be focused on whether or not Omar is sorry for her words, nobody’s wondering why the Democratic Party as a whole seems to be perfectly fine with her feelings.

It’s getting harder and harder for conservative news outlets to speak out against such things. It’s not that there aren’t enough willing to say it, but between social media and search – the two primary traffic drivers for many conservative sites – they have to tone down their news so as not to get banned. This is just one of many reasons it’s so important for our readers to support us so we can continue bringing these stories to light.

The last thing we need is for someone like Ilhan Omar continuing to spread her feelings unabated. It’s clear the Democrats are unwilling to do something about it. Perhaps it’s time to help a moderate Democrat win a primary election against her. She was endorsed by the Justice Democrats, so it’s pretty clear how her radical ideologies emerged.

The world needs to know that Ilhan Omar doesn’t represent American perspectives. More importantly. voters in her district need to know this. We need to keep spreading the truth.

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