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Conspiracy Theory

Sad truth about medical research: Curing diseases isn’t as profitable as treating the symptoms



It’s 2019. Surely the tremendous advancements in medical science allow us to cure more diseases, particularly in the United States where the healthcare system should be top notch. Unfortunately, the focus of the vast majority of medical research is on treating and vaccinating against diseases rather than curing them. Why? The answer is obvious to those who don’t have a heart for their fellow man.

But what if it’s not that obvious? Let’s look at the answer depicted by the folks at Truthstream Media before going into another possible reason.

According to Aaron and Melissa Dykes, there’s simply not enough money in curing diseases for it to be a priority. In fact, there’s evidence that suggests curing diseases actually hurts the bottom line for big pharma and their Wall Street backers, therefore it’s better to NOT cure them but to continue the steady flow of treatments and vaccines.

It makes sense. If you cure a disease, you’re taking away potential buyers for treatments. It’s not quite that simple, but nearly so. That’s the prevailing theory about why there haven’t been the types of medical breakthroughs one would expect considering the dramatic rise of other types of technologies. In two decades, computers have become exponentially faster and capable of storing vastly more data. In one decade, cars have been made that can drive themselves, smartphones have become more powerful than “old” desktop computers, and the internet has literally all the answers available to just about every question man has asked.

And yet, progress in the medical arena has been at a standstill. Sure, they’re coming up with new treatments, but where are the cures? How can we master so many other technologies, yet we’re somehow no closer to curing cancer than we were half a century ago?

There’s an alternative to the profits theory they propose at Truthstream Media. Actually, alternative isn’t completely accurate. Let’s call it a companion reason. Money is certainly an aspect that is used to control those within the medical research field, but what if the real reason they’re not curing anything is actually worse? What if the powers that be, the principalities and rulers of the darkness of this world have reasons to keep people focused on treatment and ignoring cures? As Paul told the Ephesians, we’re not battling flesh and blood.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

What they want to do through medicine, I haven’t a clue. That’s far above my pay grade, but one thing I do believe is certain: whether in whole or in part, there’s an influence over big pharma that goes beyond pure greed. It’s worse than we think.


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