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Censorship must end: Why we’re leaving Patreon right after getting started



Censorship must end Why were leaving Patreon right after getting started

NOQ Report was late to the game joining Patreon. We’ve relied in the past on GoFundMe campaigns but requests for a monthly subscription model prompted us to look at Patreon. We joined. Shortly after, news broke that prominent commentators we respect were going in a different direction.

Jordan B. Peterson, Dave Rubin ditch crowdfunding site Patreon to stand up for free speech pair of influential Internet social and political commentators are putting their money where their mouths are, ditching crowd-funding site Patreon over its hate speech rules despite not having any viable alternative.

Dave Rubin raised money for his YouTube show, “The Rubin Report,” through Patreon until recently when he decided to fight back after the crowd-funding site banned participants who used language deemed offensive by the service. Best-selling author Jordan Peterson, a frequent Rubin guest whose lectures draw millions of views on YouTube and who gets funding from the service, joined Rubin in walking out on Patreon.

Admittedly, I didn’t pay too much attention to the news because the way it was framed, I didn’t realize they were leaving over censorship. I assumed from what I’d seen that they were exploring building a user-friendly alternative. It wasn’t until I dove into the story fully that I realized this wasn’t about building a competitor as much as it was about fighting censorship.

That’s all we needed to know to join them in taking a stand.

The funny part is yesterday I was tinkering with Patreon and posted about it. That’s when the emails and comments started coming in. One was straightforward in asking, “You realize Patreon opposes free speech, right?”

First, let me apologize for not exploring the story deeper when it was first breaking. I truly respect Peterson and Rubin and we’ve posted stories about both right here on NOQ Report.

Why the media just can’t handle Jordan Peterson the mainstream press try to interview University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson, one thing becomes exceedingly clear: they literally can’t even.

While the above expression makes my inner grammar Nazi cry, it is possibly the best description of the predictable sequence of befuddled expressions, desperate strawmen, and whiffed shots fired at Peterson from a growing list of increasingly cautious media personalities.

What classical liberalism is, briefly video by classical liberal Dave Rubin at The Rubin Report breaks it down in less than two minutes.

Liberty-loving proponents of personal responsibility and self-governance have had our label taken from us. Today, a liberal is a progressive. It’s like saying a hamburger is a vegetable, but that’s the state of American understanding today.

This is, of course, part of the political war. Words have meaning, as leftists love to say, so they’ve done everything they can to change the meaning of many words. “Liberal” is one of them. They started with a lie and repeated it over and over again until it became… politics.

Second, let’s talk about censorship itself. This (thankfully) isn’t something that can invoke a political solution. Many are trying to turn to government to force “fairness” on private companies like Facebook, Google, and Patreon. Most who are calling for government intervention are supposed to be conservatives, which is odd since the conservative movement should be seeking solutions outside of government whenever possible.

This is a consumer market problem which means it requires a private citizen solution. Efforts by people like Peterson and Rubin to fight Patreon represent the right way to make changes such as these in America. Censorship is bad, but there’s no need for conservatives to call on DC to make Facebook, Google, or Patreon fair. They’re private businesses. They can do what they want and conservatives should be defending their rights to do so.

We’re very hopeful Peterson and Rubin can put together a Patreon-alternative soon. In the meantime, we’ve left Patreon and moved to a different provider. Censorship is rampant. If we don’t make our stand now, we may have no place to stand at all.