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Why the surge of far-left progressivism is the most dangerous thing we’ve seen in decades



It’s time to start taking this radical leftist insurgence in the Democratic Party seriously. I covered it yesterday in an article. Today, I thought it necessary to follow up with a video because it seems like many are not seeing how big of a threat this really is.

We can’t wait for the Democrats to fix their own problem. It seems as if they’re embracing it rather than quelling it. That means it’s up to their opposition to expose these radicals for what they are and prevent their ideas from ever seeing the light of day in the legislature.

Here are some key quotes from the video:

Real threat brewing in America.

Article this morning missed the mark.

Socialism, Marxism, and radical progressivism are rapidly emerging as the new normal. Scholars often point to a death by a thousand cuts, also known as creeping normalcy, as the path through which dangerous ideas can go mainstream, but this is different.

Logic is out the window. It’s like a zombie apocalypse of the mind.

I’m not a Trump fan, but I recognize that many of his policies are very beneficial to America. It’s when he dives into his leftist leanings on things like new gun laws, Chuck Schumer’s tariffs, and consolidating power in DC that I take offense.

The real threat to America’s future isn’t Nancy Pelosi. It isn’t Chuck Schumer. It isn’t a Democratically controlled House.

We’re witnessing a seismic shift in the their Marxist ideas are being normalized.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, and Eric Swalwell are rising in prominence in the Democratic Party.

Both driven by and driving this far left uprising.

The people are listening to them.

Trump has galvanized them around whatever cause opposes him, even if that cause is ludicrous.

Many conservatives aren’t helping because they’re focusing on things that don’t really matter. Attacking Ocasio-Cortez over how she dresses or a dance video she made in college is playing right into her hands. She’s stronger when the focus is on her personality and not her destructive ideology.

Bernie might have lit the flame, but he’s going to be tossed away quickly and far-left politicians are lining up to grab hold of his mantle.

These new radicals aren’t carrying around a tiny scalpel making a thousand cuts into the collective ideology of the left. They’re wielding Marxist broadswords and they’re swinging wildly. And they’re hitting the mark.

They’re being treated like Marvel superheroes. I call them The New Radicals, sort of like the Justice League but with worse ideas and a better script. Unfortunately, they’re ideas are so dangerous we might as well call them the Legion of Doom.

Don’t bet on them losing. This isn’t the Tea Party that made strides before getting unceremoniously brushed aside by the Republican Establishment. They’ve learned from the Tea Party’s mistakes and they’re going at the Democratic Party even harder than their conservative counterparts did with the GOP.

Every effort must be made to stop their rise before they get a foothold on America’s psyche. Their popularity is contagious. If we don’t stop them now in their movement’s infancy, we may see their radical ideas become a reality.