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The real danger of quashing voices like Ben Shapiro’s on college campuses



Why is it that so many colleges react negatively when a conservative speaker is booked to do an event on campus? It seems lately the words many college administrators dread the most are, “Young America’s Foundation has invited Ben Shapiro to speak on campus.”

It isn’t just Shapiro, but he’s conspicuous for two reasons. First, the unhinged hatred towards him is not congruous with his level of offense. Yes, he will offend people sometimes as the truth invariably does, but he’s not David Duke or Louis Farrakhan. Somehow, he’s able to stir up such positive and negative responses on college campuses that one might think President Trump himself was making an appearance.

The second reason he’s conspicuous is because his protesters don’t have valid reasons to protest him. They’re forced to pull from their own irrational fears of him that have been conjured up out of fiction. He’s a devout Jew, yet protesters call him Hitler. He’s adamantly opposed to authoritarianism, yet protesters call him a fascist. He’s one of the most targeted journalists in America by white supremacists, yet for some reason protesters seem to think he’s a white supremacist.

Gonzaga recently claimed their reason for not allowing Shapiro to speak on campus is because his speeches “routinely draw protests that include extremely divisive and hateful speech and behavior, which is offensive to many people.”

They weren’t accusing him of being offensive, which colleges often cite when rejecting speakers like Suzanne Venker or Milo Yiannopoulos. Instead, they were accusing him of drawing protests that were offensive. Let that sink in for a moment. Here’s a speaker that a good chunk of any college campus wants to hear and a bigger chunk needs to hear, but he’s being quashed because of the protests that rise up when he speaks. I’m not going to go into a long rant about mob rule. Either you see it in play here or you don’t.

Commentators, particularly conservative ones, often discuss how colleges have a problem with free speech. Colleges often counter by having “free speech zones” or their polar opposite, the much maligned “safe space.” They might hold free speech events before cancelling them over someone’s… speech. Hmm.

But here’s the problem with framing the issue in this way. First, it adds to confusion about what free speech is and isn’t. The 1st Amendment, which is the first thing that comes to mind when people invoke “free speech,” has very little to do with what’s happening on college campuses. Our Constitutional right to free speech is a protection against government suppressing speech for unlawful reasons. What’s happening on college campuses is different. Now, thanks to the ugly protests that have been following conservative speakers, private AND public colleges can invoke safety concerns whenever a heavily protested speaker is planning on coming to campus. The progressive puppetmasters have known this for decades. That’s why they spark the protests in the first place. It’s a dirty little secret the organizers of these protests will never mention. By allowing their protests to turn violent, they set the precedent by which universities can turn away controversial conservative speakers. It’s not spontaneous in most instances. It’s done by design.

The second reason we shouldn’t frame the issue as one about freedom of speech is because we can debate all day about it, but the best we can hope for is a logical victory that does nothing to change the situation. We shouldn’t allow the left to drive the narrative within the futile debate over free speech. Instead, we need to address the core issue, which is the systematic quashing of free thinking.

If you read the introduction page of any college in America, they all claim to nurture free thinking among their students, but this is absolutely false. They only nurture thoughts that align with their progressive agendas. Students are free to think whatever thoughts are approved of within these leftist echo chambers. Progressives are free to do or say their heart’s desires and their worldviews are reinforced by their treatment as students. Meanwhile, conservatives must persevere through their college experience with hopes they won’t succumb to the sustained festival of leftist indoctrination they’re forced to immerse themselves in while they work towards getting their degrees.

Freedom of thought is a nebulous concept because it’s often difficult to recognize attempts to suppress thought. We can easily recognize when the freedom of expression is being suppressed because it’s enforced through rules. However, suppressing freedom of thought is done through absence. Meteorology students aren’t told it’s against the rules to be skeptical of proposed methods to reverse man-made climate change. They’re simply never shown any research that runs contrary to the “settled science” that embraces Al Gore’s politics over actual scientific debate. Students are told that socialism can be effective if the greed of the elite can be eliminated, yet every failed attempt to institute socialism is categorized as a false attempt. This is why students leave college thinking that socialism has never been tried. Legitimate contradictions to Darwinian evolution are never discussed. Once again, it’s “settled science.” If ever a student brings up evidence that points to intelligent design, they’re either told that given enough time, nature can accomplish anything, or they’re fed the multiverse theory. Either way, the challenging evidence is dismissed as settled, debunked, and let’s get back to looking at chimp DNA.

The same process is applied to conservative speakers. Rather than allow the discussion, university administrators have grown so accustomed to controlling every aspect of their indoctrination centers that they’re preference is to prevent these thoughts from making an appearance at their schools. They are ill-prepared to win the debate, so they suppress the debate before it can occur. Even those that allow conservative speakers prepare their students for the unapproved thoughts they’re about to be exposed to.

When universities hamper or block conservative speakers, they’re not attacking freedom of speech. Their suppressing freedom of thought. Indoctrination is standard operating procedure at most universities today. The greatest threat to this status quo isn’t conservative speakers who might say something offensive. It’s that their students might hear something that actually makes them think.

I’m JD Rucker. Thank you for listening.



Andrew Wilkow: Elizabeth Warren’s lack of real-world experience is why progressives love her



Andrew Wilkow Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is the current frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president. I’ll admit, I never expected that to be the case until recently. I truly believed she would be in the middle of the pack before bowing out in favor of Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, or one of the other radical progressives who would take on Joe Biden. But I was wrong. She has surged into the lead and at this point, it’s her race to lose.

BlazeTV’s Andrew Wilkow explained her popularity among the progressives, and in doing so showed by I was unable to see her appeal. According to Wilkow, the difference between her and Hillary Clinton is that she’s a member of the elite academia, which progressives love. Her lack of real-world experience isn’t seen as the clear detraction that it should be. Instead, having lived in a theoretical bubble of feel-good progressive policy proposals gives her an advantage in the eyes of hyper-leftists.

In other words, she hasn’t had any real-world experience to burst her bubble, so she’s able to enact hypothetical ideas that are demonstrably bad without reality clouding her judgment. To the far-left, this makes her an ideal candidate.

How in the world is Elizabeth Warren leading in the Democratic polls? Andrew Wilkow breaks it all down for us in this eye-opening analysis for BlazeTV. She’s as detached from reality as her policy proposals, which is why the radicals adore her.

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Socialists control the airwaves and school books, and it’s starting to show



Socialists control the airwaves and school books and its starting to show

Socialism is growing in popularity in America. If you’re a regular reader of NOQ Report, chances are you’re a conservative who scratches your head any time you hear statistics pointing to the rise of Marxist principles as acceptable to Americans, particularly the youth in our country. But we need only look to the two most influential forces propagating ideologies to realize what the source is of all this lunacy.

Progressive mainstream media, which comprises somewhere around 80% of the “news” spread across America, has fully embraced not only the Democrats’ doctrine, but also the hyper-leftist philosophies of socialism, communism, and authoritarianism. They want a nanny state because they believe it will protect us from ourselves. They do not believe in the supremacy of our Creator nor the efficacy of individualism. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so supportive of abortion, open borders, gun control, single-payer healthcare, climate change hysteria, wealth redistribution, or any other components of a Marxist future.

Then, there’s our education system. It has always been populated by teachers and administrators who are unabashedly progressive. In fact, the progressive worldview is often inherent in the desire to educate; I’ve always found conservatives are more about “doing” than “teaching.” Conservatives become trial lawyers. Progressives become law professors.

A new report from Cato Institute shows the rise in popularity of socialism, especially among those under 30:

Some of my NeverTrump friends ask me why I converted to become a supporter. I was so adamantly opposed to his candidacy during the 2016 primaries that I essentially changed my life, selling my company and dedicating full-time to fighting on political, cultural, and religious fronts. I gave up a very comfortable, blissful existence in exchange for struggles and ongoing battles against progressives. But during the course of this transition, I came to realize that the real existential threat to America wasn’t the President or RINOs on Capitol Hill. It was the rising Marxist mentality spreading across America that threatened to upend our way of life. It threatens to fundamentally change America into something I would not want for anyone’s children, particularly my own.

I’ve never regretted this decision despite the challenges. We’re seeing a ludicrous mindset spreading across our nation, one that is borne by nefarious forces. One might even read some Ephesians 6:12 into it as none of the insane ideas from the radical progressives make sense. It’s very much like the warning of Isaiah 5:20.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

We can no longer take for granted that logic, history, and common sense will guide our nation’s voters. We must expose socialism for what it is – an existential threat – and make sure 2020 voters know they cannot allow it to take hold in America.

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January 20, 1993 was the beginning of the end of America as we once knew it!



January 20 1993 was the beginning of the end of America as we once knew it


Those who were around back then may remember this slogan when George HW Bush became our 41st president. Hopefully every school child still remembers that our first president was George Washington.

The first 200 years of the American presidency was distinctly different from the last 30 years. We will never have another person in the Oval Office who remembers World War II. Bush 41 was the last.

Ronald Reagan had drawn very heavily from his experience defeating fascism on one horizon and imperialism on the other as he faced down the Evil Empire and prevailed as the world witnessed the demise of the Soviet Union. Today American progressives [if that is not an oxymoron] are flirting with socialism while KGB Vlad tries to restore the Kremlin as a major world power.


Three of the four are baby boomers like yours truly whereas one is a product of Generation X. Not one of them has been a role model in the positive sense.

With the election of the man from the ironic hometown of Hope, Arkansas, the age of populism took roots. With a First Lady who strove to share the spotlight as much as her husband, America was bound for dysfunctional times ahead.

At least John Kennedy had been discreet about his alleged relationship with Marilyn Monroe, whereas Billy Bob flatly just didn’t care what anybody thought about his shenanigans. This was probably an earlier iteration of the “I’m president and you’re not” mentality that has grown in force through three successive administrations.

No need to rehash all the lurid details of Bill and Monica or the first impeachment since that of Andrew Johnson just after the Civil War. Bill Clinton never intended to be anybody’s role model. Neither did Hillary for that matter.

W outlasted Al Gore, Jr. In the election from hell. I tend to think he would have been more of a laid-back isolationist president had we not been attacked by the followers of Islam.

In his younger years, the eldest Bush son had been rather irresponsible as the scion of a wealthy and influential political New England family transplanted into the oil fields of West Texas. He entered the spotlight when he upset Ann Richards, the Lone Star witch spelled with a capital B, to become Governor of Texas.

Nobody of either political party really took George W Bush seriously. He is a product of the times during which he served. But again, we did not have a really inspirational president.

Then came the alleged Manchurian Candidate about whom we still know virtually nothing regarding his early years. Everything about Barack Hussein Obama II is a carefully crafted and structured narrative bearing no resemblance to reality. I’ve written about Barry Soetoro before so we’ll leave it at that for now.

In our context today, however, the issue is that our 44th president was and still is worshiped by some as a demi-god. It wasn’t just a symbolic cleansing of the national soul of racism by electing a black president. There was something much more subtle underlying the idolization of one of the laziest men to ever sit in the Oval Office.

Obama’s first term started very ominously with his apology tour and speech in Cairo and picked up speed going downhill from then on out. Obama’s admiration for all things Islamic is incontestable, stemming from his youth in a Muslim School in Jakarta, Indonesia.

But it was the social re-engineering of the United States military along with his censorship of the United States intelligence community that has done the most long-term lasting damage to our national well-being.

I won’t dwell on our current president because the details are still fresh in everyone’s mind. What Donald Trump does is a function of who Donald Trump is. But, the voters should have known that in 2016.


Before the terror attacks which took down the World Trade Center and struck the Pentagon, there was a sense in this country that there had not really been any successful attack on American soil since the War of 1812, other than Pearl Harbor which was in the then-territory of Hawaii.

Our first natural human reaction was: Why? That is still the most important consideration but it has been deliberately obfuscated by the Islamic practice of both da’wah and taqiyyah. Basically proselytization and dissimulation.

This is not the place to go into the real causes of 9/11. It has zero to do with boots on the ground in the Middle East or too many McDonald’s in certain countries. It has everything to do with a hostile foreign ideology that considers us as infidels for our faith and Judeo-Christian traditions.

I don’t want to give new Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib any more attention or enhanced notoriety than they deserve. Both are skilled operatives trained to use our American openness and toleration against us. They do this under the cover of the U.S. Constitution which Islamic Sharia law demands be eliminated.

But our current political discourse has been so distorted that we are manipulated to favor any religion and any political philosophy other than that which was the motivation for the Founders of our Republic. This is a total misrepresentation of Thomas Jefferson’s letter about separation of church and state which was intended to keep the state out of the church and not the other way around.


We cannot attribute the fact that we no longer live in Ronald Reagan’s shining city on the hill to just our most recent presidents or the never ending so-called war on terror. No, there is actually one factor much more significant and insidious.

It is not coincidental that this coincides with the exponential explosion of technology in our lifetimes. It is now possible for computers to do that which it is not advisable for computers to do. We rely upon artificial intelligence for things that we once prided ourselves as part of our once-hailed rugged individualism.

America has become soft at the core. We no longer have that molten magma in our innermost being that once invigorated our collective consciousness. The term toxic masculinity would never even have been conceived just a generation ago. The effeminization of America may sound good to progressives, but it is the essence of our demise.

We’re not talking about glass ceilings here. A woman can and should be able to handle any level of responsibility including President of the United States. Hillary didn’t lose because she is a female. Hillary lost because she is Hillary.

But the problem goes into the early age indoctrination of our children and grandchildren. Instead of being taught that they are gender-fluid, they need to be schooled first with a patriotic historical understanding of who we are and where we as a nation how come from.

During my own time in elementary school in the 1950s, it was “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty, Of Thee I Sing”. You can check and see if today’s little ones still have that on their curriculum.

I won’t delve too much into Common Core Math. Just because something sounds innovative doesn’t mean it should supplant the tried-and-true calculations that have always worked.

Even if you go beyond the limitations of social media to the more formal works of authorship, you will see that their 8th Grade teacher didn’t drill grammar and syntax into them the way Mrs. Linville did back in 1962.

What the heck does it mean to diagram a sentence anyway? Who cares what are the parts of speech or the conjugation of a verb? Nobody needs to parse sentences for accuracy or effectiveness. Just let the words flow. 280 characters or less.


The dumbing-down of America did not happen overnight. Some of it is lack of role model leadership at the top. The reality show mentality where banishing your opponent matters more than any moral high ground is taking its toll.

Washington, Adams, Hamilton, Madison and Jefferson were all deep thinkers with an understanding of the relationship between any contemporaneous society and all precedents in world history.

I would attribute that same capability to Ronald Wilson Reagan. But since the first inauguration of William Jefferson Clinton in our nation’s capital on a winter day in 1993, things simply have not been the same as they were before.

We no longer appear able to focus on the big picture of America’s role in the world. We have petty politicians so wrapped up in their own ambitions, that they really don’t know or don’t care what the long-range impact on our society will be.


When an airhead bartender from the Bronx can become the de facto leader of the Democrat Party, tasseography has replaced sound reasoning with the shapes of tea leaves as the determinant of our future. The United States of America has abandoned the frontier spirit that once drove us forward through unexplored territories. Our momentum has given way to the inertia of political correctness.

Candidly, I’m not optimistic. The forces driving the deterioration of our national psyche will not be halted by mere words. All I can do is to document the environment and milieu in which we now struggle to survive.

We need a revival of our recognition that government does not grant us our freedoms but exists only to protect our God-given liberties. Any other form of government will result in tyranny.

That’s why I refuse to get into parsing all the details of this impeachment inquiry. We all need to step back and take a deep breath. Democrats and Republicans need to understand that we must all be on the same side. We must all be for America. As long as we think that the way to exalt ourselves is to tear someone else down, this great nation will be doomed.


If you don’t have that small still voice whispering in your ear that helps you distinguish between right and wrong, this admonition will not sink into your gray matter. Just make sure that it is your better angels that you listen to. Demons often masquerade as angels to mislead.

When our elected leaders betray the trust which we had bestowed upon them, it is incumbent upon us to replace them. They work for us as tax paying American citizens. Hold them accountable. Those who place their own blinding hatred for this President above the needs and wishes of their own constituents have forfeited their position as our surrogates.

Make your vote count in 2020!

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