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The shutdown is a game of chicken and America is losing



The shutdown is a game of chicken and America is losing

Those of us who have been around past government shutdowns have seen a trend. There’s normally a series of issues both sides hold dear that neither side wants to give the other, at least not at the dollar amounts requested, so they trade taxplayer dollars like baseball cards in hopes of getting the better end of the bargain. This one is different, and it’s the ugliest I’ve ever seen.

This really comes down to one issue, of course. Will the wall get partial funding or not? The Democrats have the political upper hand while President Trump has the moral upper hand. He would have both had he not given them the ammunition they needed by claiming he would take ownership of the shutdown. It gave the Democrats a talking point they can copy and paste.


America needs the border wall. Unfortunately, the Democrats are playing their cards like heartless politicians (which they are) while the President isn’t effectively making his case to anyone other than his base. While the sides squabble, Americans are suffering.